, which accelerates software debugging for enterprises, raises $2.8 million

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Based in San Francisco raised $2.8 million in seed funding to accelerate software debugging for enterprises worldwide.

Today, software development cycles have exploded. Companies occasionally release updates to improve their customers’ experience. But, some days, these updates also break the product, not only affecting the end-user experience, but also costing the organization a lot of money.

In response, support, product, and development teams are racing to figure out what went wrong on the customer side and why — a task that involves collating data across multiple tools and logs and often takes time. Also, if the customer does not notice or report the bug, the issue may go undetected in the code and affect others. brings customer observability

Founded in 2020 by Vaishalini Paliwal, solves this challenge by providing businesses with a unified platform to react to customer issues as they arise.

When something breaks in a workflow, the solution captures the data points and notifies the affected team on Slack. Then when a team member interacts with the notification, they are taken to the Zipy dashboard which shows everything associated with the bug, starting with what exactly the customer did to the issue they were notified about. confronted and the exact line of code failure. Using this interface, development and product teams can easily replay the user session, find the issue, and work on a fix, without wasting time sifting through data or waiting for the customer to file the bug report first.

“Most of us have had this problem for a very long time as software engineers. We’re very excited to evolve and build on the larger vision of bringing intelligent customer observability to help software teams to solve code problems smartly, quickly and proactively. Behind Zipy is a very passionate product and engineering team who have seen this problem firsthand,” said Paliwal.

The company launched the product less than a month ago and already has more than 100 customers. was also ranked number one on ProductHunt.

Growing need for debugging and observability

Due to rapid digitization and the need to stay ahead of the competition, companies have become optimistic about frequent release cycles. This has spurred the demand for tools tackling various aspects of the app development ecosystem. Recently, software reliability platform Last9, which manages software reliability, raised $11 million in Series A funding and Turkey-based Altogic, which automates backend development for applications, secured $1 million. dollars. Other players in the space include Firebase, Amplify, LogicMonitor, and AppDynamics.

As demand grows, Paliwal plans to scale, extending the product’s customer intelligent observation capabilities to more enterprise software teams. The company will deploy the latest round, led by Blume Ventures and operator-led venture capital firm Together Fund, to bolster platform technology and make bug fixing more proactive, intelligent and stack-agnostic technological.

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Margie D. Carlisle