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When the dot-com bubble burst 20 years ago many people believed that software development was going to be largely outsourced. Instead, Silicon Valley has developed a new philosophy around product-driven technical founders and strong, central engineering teams.

And yet, software development outsourcing is one thing again.

That’s why we’re looking to profile great software development stores that work with startups. Founders, go a recommendation in the survey below and we’ll use your feedback to choose our next maintenance topics for TechCrunch.

So why, you might ask, is software development outsourcing becoming more and more trendy these days? Lots of reasons, most of which you are probably familiar with. The overall growth of the tech industry, especially over the past decade, has pushed up salaries for engineers in Silicon Valley and other hubs of startups, while putting increased pressure on other costs of living. . The number of qualified engineers to hire has decreased as a result.

Meanwhile, improved internet connections and globalized education programs have allowed more people to develop sought-after software skills and make themselves available for hire.

The pandemic has also made distributed work more normal for most people, which has helped break down the remaining divisions between a central engineering team and remote contributors.

While you can still find plenty of startups of all sizes that want to maintain a large engineering group in a physical office, most of the companies we speak with have signed up for remote working in some form or another.

All of these factors make outsourcing software development a much more normal process for many startups than you would have encountered 10 or 15 years ago.

So tell us which excellent software consultants to profile below! If you are a software consultant, share this investigation with your customers.

This is part of our ongoing Expert Series, where we feature the service providers that startup founders like to work with (based on recommendations from founders). Software is our second service vertical after growth marketing, which we are also continuing – and we have more planned in the months to come.


Margie D. Carlisle