Warrp’s meteoric evolution from market to metaverse.

Australian start-up Warrp will begin development of its new global business in January 2022, diversifying its core offering to launch a new virtual augmented reality offering.

Growing investor interest in Warrp has seen a dramatic acceleration in the company’s global Web3 ambitions as it begins development of a groundbreaking augmented reality blockchain project.

Key points:
Development of the Warrp augmented reality rendering passport, a 3D blockchain bridge for non-fungible tokens (NFT).
“The project includes the development of an NFT marketplace to buy and sell NFTs.
Launch of a first coin offering ($ TOAST) scheduled for the second half of 2022.
“Warrp has generated greater investor interest and will finalize its round by appointing a credible investor in January 2022. The launch of a Series A round could begin as early as the second quarter of 2022.

The company plans to create a 3D blockchain bridge known as the Warrp Augmented Reality Rendering Passport (WARRP) that allows collectors and owners of non-fungible token (NFT) projects a secure link between blockchains.

The bridge functions as an Augmented Reality World, or Metaverse, where NFTs come to life as 3D characters, providing the perfect space for artist collaboration and a launch pad for new NFT drops. This is achieved by character conversion technology that converts NFTs to metaverse from any blockchain.

This blockchain bridging solution means that NFT holders can earn passive income through NFT activity and income from the sale of assets through the metaverse, where NFTs would normally have little or no long-term value outside of their resident blockchain.

With over 5 million character-based NFTs cataloged, such as monkeys, punks, and aliens, the company’s expansion also includes a virtual marketplace platform for users to buy and sell NFTs. using fiat money.

Warrp Co-Founder and CEO Matthew Ng said the company’s bold leap forward in Web3 was a product of its continued drive to deliver solutions in line with its premise that Warrp is not just a application, but the symbol of a better future.

“We launched the Warrp used goods online marketplace in May 2021 with incredible success, and as consumer and investor sentiment shifted, we decided to take our proprietary technologies and quickly apply them to the market. ‘future of augmented reality, cryptocurrency and NFTs, ”Ng said.

“We are evolving our business to provide a core solution with a higher focus and broader reach. If we stick to the same basic business model we would do well, but by making this change now we will certainly do a lot better, especially with the capabilities of our team.

“In all my years leading start-ups to exits, I have never been so excited to lead a company like Warrp into the future and I am very confident that we have the good team, experience, partnerships and know-how to better execute this. than our peers.

Warrp launched an original 1,000-piece NFT collection called ToastPunk in November 2021, organically gaining over 26,000 Twitter followers and amassing 7,000 Discord community members. 30% of the collection has been sold to private individuals, with the remainder available for public sale in January 2022.

A larger 10,000-piece NFT collection known as ToastPunk Genesis will also launch in January 2022 for immediate public sale.

The NFT project has already attracted over 50 collaborations with various project owners and artists, including NFTShill.io, FoodFrogs, and Blockchain of Fame, all of whom have expressed interest in Warrp’s soon-to-develop metaverse called ToastPunk World.

Warrp Co-Founder and CTO Roman Granovskyi said Warrp’s new vision and expert resources at hand will allow the company to be on the global stage in 2022.

“Many of my peers in the tech space have pointed out the rise of virtual games and NFTs, which makes this transition faster than expected if timely,” Mr. Granovskyi said.

“Our CEO, Matt, has built a following through the ToastPunk project like anything else I’ve seen in such a short time, demonstrating how quickly this virtual space is growing and the vision we need to build on it.

“It’s easy to be complacent when working with a mature industrial solution. With the new Warrp, I’m also thrilled that it’s an evolutionary challenge, but a wonderful endless piece of code that I work on daily.

Newly appointed CFO and shareholder Mr. Vince Naselli said the momentum of the company since the announcement of the new leadership has resulted in increased traction for the existing market platform, as well as the projects. diversified society.

“I am excited about what I see happening in the business, but more importantly, about the future opportunities for various Warrp stakeholders,” said Mr. Naselli.

“Matt and Roman set high ambitions to what I know in my former roles in large multinationals. I am delighted to support the growth of the company with the experience and knowledge that I have accumulated over many years.

To learn more about Warrp’s latest business venture, visit the new website at warrp.co.

About Warrp: Warrp is an agile technology development company that creates pioneering software for consumer markets in blockchain, virtual games, NFT, and crypto. Formally an innovative online marketplace for second-hand consumer goods, the company strives to be one of the world’s largest metaverse and NFT-focused companies by delivering world-class technology solutions. The company and team are behind NFT projects such as ToastPunk and ToastPunk Genesis.

Contact information:
Name: Matthieu Ng
Email: send an email
Organization: Warrp
Telephone: 0403 143 003
Website: https://warrp.co/

Version Number: 89058563

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