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Published: Mon 6 Jun 2022, 06:21 PM

Last update: Tue, Jun 7, 2022, 11:05 AM

Everyone all over the world is reaching their potential audience at their convenience through mobile apps. Mobile apps provide a platform for businesses to communicate with their audience by giving them a personalized touch. Whether businesses need a way to reach their global audience or simply want to keep their employees informed of the events happening around them, it’s all possible with mobile apps.

The thing companies need to be careful about is choosing the right app development companies. A leading application development company can provide a perfect solution that can truly meet your project requirements. has researched hundreds of companies and compiled a list of the 10 most trusted app development companies of 2022 to help you determine the precise app development company. to Dubai. All listed companies have proven experience and expertise in developing the most user-friendly iOS and Android mobile application solutions for start-ups and large enterprises with a long customer base.

The list of top 10 mobile app development companies in UAE 2022 is as follows:

1. InfoSystem Hyperlink

Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the most trusted application development company in Dubai, UAE, having its presence in India, USA and UK. Since 2011, the company has developed more than 4,000 applications, designed more than 2,000 websites, and conducted more than 400 projects on the latest technologies, including CRM, AI, IoT, data science, etc. over 700 customers from Dubai, UAE. With over 10 years of experience, the company has expertise in web and app development, AI solutions, sales force solutions, big data, AR/VR, blockchain, games and many more.

2. Shakuro

They design and develop mobile applications and websites for e-commerce, digital art communities, sports, finance, social media, health, education, smart home and IoT, and d other industries. They focus on their clients’ goals, which are to make their consumers happy, regardless of their industry. We do this by researching user needs and your business goals in advance to make the development process as cost effective as possible.

3. Blink22

It is a web and mobile development company, based in Egypt, that has been turning amazing ideas into innovative software for smart businesses around the world since 2015. With a team of over 50 highly skilled technology professionals and from administration, they work directly with your team to produce world-class applications from concept to launch, allowing you to focus on growing your businesses.

4. Data Capture Systems Co LLC

Data Capture Systems (DCS) is a company specializing in data capture. It all started in 1989 with the goal of one man. Data Capture Systems, a group of over 135 skilled (and still growing) people in over 10 offices in various locations, is the result of his vision. DCS values ​​the customer’s time and schedule and strives to deliver products and solutions as quickly as possible.


Rubius is a software development company with offices in Dubai, Tomsk and Sankt-Peterburg. The company has a medium-sized staff and offers custom software development, web development, mobile application development, artificial intelligence and other services. The organization was founded in 2005.

6. Jawahir

Jawahir provides digital experience through social media, web design, mobile apps, etc. to businesses around the world. The expert team has years of experience in lead generation and brand awareness to deliver positive digital results to businesses around the world. Jawahir is passionate about achieving his goals and leading the industry into the future of digitalization.

7. Intertec Systems

Intertec System is one of the oldest information technology companies in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1991, Intertec provides all IT services including digital marketing, business applications, cloud, security and managed services. Intertec has over 50 technology alliances, delivery capabilities, network operations and software delivery centers in 4 other countries outside the UAE.

8. ApphiTect

ApphiTech designs dreams and makes them come true with functional marvels that grab users’ attention and inspire them to perform the desired action. App development company ApphiTech aims to facilitate controls that simplify users’ daily needs with easy-to-use IT products and services.

9. Global Media Overview

Global Media Insight is a full-fledged, interactive digital marketing agency with a genuine passion for creativity and technology. The harmonious marriage of their creative and technical divisions gives them an advantage that no other has. The design and development team can deliver solutions ranging from high profile government campaigns to complex e-commerce websites.

10. HD Data Systems

One of the fastest growing application development companies, HData Systems provides various advanced technology solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Science, Analytics commercial, etc for their global customers. Along with these, HData systems also provide DevOps, elastic solution, security, CloudOps, ITSM and various other services.

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