Top 10 Flutter Development Companies in India 2023

Cross-platform apps are all the rage in the world of mobile app and software development these days! There are many cross-platform frameworks available, each with their pros and cons. A few years ago, Google launched the best framework: Flutter. Ever since Google released the Flutter framework, it has changed the world’s view on native apps. Flutter is an open-source software development kit that makes apps simple and fast.

According to recent research, Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by global developers in 2022. As a result, Flutter mobile apps are preferred by nearly 42% of software developers and business owners. Businesses can get high-quality, natively compiled mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms through Flutter app development. With the increasing adoption rate of Flutter framework, more and more app development companies are offering Flutter app development services to their global clients.

In this scenario, finding a reliable Flutter app development company among several companies is a bit difficult task. Therefore, to help business owners, the team started researching reliable and experienced IT companies. After analyzing thousands of Flutter app development companies from Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Pune, Hyderabad and other cities in India, team compiled top 10 Flutter developers in India 2023 for custom requirements. The list is compiled after conducting extensive research on app development skills, number of employees, work experience, customer reviews, and more before finalizing the list.

The List of Top 10 Trusted Flutter Development Companies in India 2023

1. InfoSystem Hyperlink
One of the best app development company, InfoSystem Hyperlink provides end-to-end flutter application development services. With over 11 years of experience, the company has worked with over 2,500 customers worldwide and delivered the most successful technology solutions. Hyperlink InfoSystem’s experienced team helps customers develop custom solutions for their technical needs using Flutter and other leading application development technologies. They have been providing Flutter app development services since its invention.

2. GeekAnts
GeekyAnts is a design and development company specializing in creating web and mobile solutions that drive innovation and transform industries and lives. They have expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as React, React Native, Flutter, Angular, Vue, NodeJS, Python, Svelte, etc.

3.Kelton Tech
A multinational provider of IT outsourcing services, Kellton Tech Solutions has development and technical centers in Virginia, Gurgaon and Hyderabad, India. They have over 1345 employees despite being founded in 1993. Their expertise is in custom software development, ERP, IT strategy and managed IT services.

4. Overall
Globant is a digital native company that helps organizations reinvent themselves to create a path forward and unlock their potential. They are where innovation, design and engineering meet. They have more than 25,924 employees and are present in 19 countries working for companies like Google, Rockwell Automation, Electronic Arts and Santander, among others.

QBurst is a global product development and consulting company that provides cognitive solutions and custom software development services for micro and large enterprises. They are an end-to-end solution provider and R&D partner for many companies. They provide robust digital solutions with an enhanced user experience while making the development process enjoyable for customers and employees.

6.HCL Technologies
HCL Technologies app developers are skilled in building reliable cross-platform mobile apps that deliver a consistent user experience across iOS, Android, or Windows platforms. Depending on customer needs, HCL Technologies offers specialized services that can help companies develop solutions for native and hybrid mobile applications.

7. Mphase
A leading applied technology services company, they innovate to deliver service excellence and successful results in sales, delivery and development. With their nimble, agile and customer-centric strategy, they anticipate the future of applied technology and predict tomorrow’s trends to keep their customers at the top in an ever-changing market.

8. Datamatics
Datamatics, a global digital solutions, technology and BPM company, provides intelligent solutions for data-driven businesses to increase productivity and improve customer experience. With an all-digital approach, the Datamatics portfolio spans Information Technology Services, Business Process Management, Engineering Services, and Big Data & Analytics, all powered by Artificial Intelligence. It has established products in robotic process automation, intelligent document processing, business intelligence and automatic fare collection.

In order to provide organizations with a competitive advantage and knowledge that can help them achieve their business goals, Quytech provides custom Flutter app development service. In addition to application transfer and integration, Quytech also provides full-featured floating application creation services, as well as post-purchase application support and maintenance.

10. HD Data Systems
HData Systems is a partner in digital development because they go beyond technical to include the opinions and ideas of their customers to help them achieve their own goals and develop effective products and solutions. HData Systems’ Flutter development team works with customers to identify the most powerful and effective solutions for projects, processes and people, from discovery to delivery.

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