This wild growth in tech jobs could stabilize: Dice report for the third quarter of 2021

In the recruitment platform some dices The latest tech jobs reports pertaining to the third quarter, Philadelphia is highlighted for its work on the PHL: the most diversified technological center project, aimed at building tech skills for the future talent pool – particularly black and brown Philadelphians looking to embark on tech careers.

The $ 500,000 initiative “couldn’t have come at a better time,” Dice said, as the industry needs to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion to move forward. The money goes to four organizations: Coded by children, Philly Campus, Venture to America and Technically Media,’s parent company (learn more here).

But before this 2021 initiative, Philadelphia had long made a name for itself as a technology hub. The report extols the merits of companies as Comcast, Accenture and Deloitte as large regional employers. He also noted the long list of local universities in which to recruit tech talent, as well as its proximity to other cities on the east coast, while still being a fairly affordable place to live. According to the report, the regional average technical salary is $ 91,670 and the median house price is around $ 330,000.

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Between the second and third quarters, job openings in Philly’s tech sector increased by about 10%, according to the Dice report. Among the top 50 tech cities by job volume, Philly fell slightly from 19th in the second quarter to 17th in the third quarter. Fellow market DC fell to No. 8, while Pittsburgh fell to No. 31 and Baltimore to No. 42.

Dice Third Quarter 2021 Tech Jobs Report. (Screenshot via report)

Major technology professions needed in Philadelphia include software developer or engineer, project manager, network engineer or architect, cybersecurity engineer, business analyst, IT project manager, systems engineer, and program manager. The main hiring organizations for technical roles were Deloitte, Comcast, Accenture, VMware, University of Pennsylvania, Penn medicine, IBM and Wells fargo.

The United States saw stable quarter-over-quarter growth after increases earlier in the year, likely indicating “a potential stabilization in the still high demand for technologists in almost every industry and industry.” , said Dice. This stabilization is probably a sign of recovery, of a return to pre-pandemic growth levels.

It also comes after the CEO of Dice Art Zeile said of the second quarter report, “We are in one of the hottest job markets since the dot-com era. “

Nationally, according to the Dice Report, third-quarter job postings indicate companies seeking technologists who “understand the basic concepts of software development and project management, in addition to having technical skills such as SQL, Java, Python and Linux. “They are looking to get back to their normal work pace and face many different challenges that skilled technologists can overcome.

Nationally, the skills most in demand based on the number of times they’ve been released include project management, SQL, and Java. Discover the top 10:

The 10 most requested technological skills. (screenshot of the report)

As the market takes hold, 2022 will likely be about innovation, according to the Dice report. Some organizations thrived during the pandemic, while others worked hard to survive.

“Now those who have prospered will have to innovate to retain their new market share, while those who were previously in survival mode will have to fight to regain lost ground,” the report sums up. “An increase in release volumes for senior business analysts, program managers and project coordinators shows that organizations are not only strengthening their product development teams, but also preparing to launch large-scale projects and initiatives. . “

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Margie D. Carlisle