The new university fleet program centralizes the purchase and maintenance of the department’s vehicles: NewsCenter

December 7, 2021

A rendering provided by University Communications of one of the new graphic designs that will adorn many University vehicles. (Illustration by Michael Osadciw)

The program is expected to create new university-wide efficiencies in purchasing and maintenance, as well as sustainability benefits.

Effective today, a new vehicle fleet program has been launched to centralize the acquisition and maintenance of University vehicles. The Support Operations Unit University facilities and services (UF&S) will oversee and manage the new University Fleet Program in collaboration with UR Procurement.

UF&S currently manages more than half of the University’s licensed vehicles and operates the University’s automotive store. Expanding surveillance to all University vehicles (excluding University affiliates) will allow departments to benefit from in-house mechanical expertise and create new University-wide efficiencies in vehicle purchasing and maintenance, as well as adding sustainability benefits.

The number of University vehicles and related expenses have steadily increased over the past few years, and additional needs are anticipated due to the continued growth of the University. Centralizing all vehicles as part of the University Fleet Program will help control costs, while emphasizing safety, sustainability and best practices. Currently, most vehicle purchasing decisions are made at the departmental level, but by centralizing vehicles and creating a master plan, the University will be able to forecast future purchases and reallocate assets to keep costs down while by maximizing the useful life of a vehicle. Additional benefits include routine and preventative maintenance services performed by the University’s auto shop; standardization of vehicles; and the installation of all-inclusive vehicle management software that promotes driver safety.

Standard preventive maintenance performed by the University’s auto shop at a more economical rate than outside shops will help ensure vehicles are properly maintained while maximizing their useful life, as well as their end-of-life value. .

During the transition from this centralized approach, Fleet Services will use standard vehicle configurations, including multiple models for the most common types of vehicles, helping to streamline maintenance by reducing the inventory of required stock parts and improving service life. efficiency of mechanics. The University will also be able to develop an environmental strategy for additional electric and hybrid vehicles and plan for related infrastructure needs.

All university drivers must enroll in the Safer Driver program. To further assist service fleet managers in their efforts to promote driver safety, vehicle management software, Fleetistics, has proven to be a useful tool and will be installed in every vehicle.

Guidelines and procedure

As part of the UF & S fleet program, new processes will be put in place for departments requesting a new or replacement vehicle. Please watch for complete information and forms.

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Margie D. Carlisle