The Day – Amid big resignation, Mystic-based firm aims to use survey to educate on value of HR

In the wake of supply chain issues and people’s “big quit” from their jobs, Regan MacBain Traub is trying to get CEOs to focus more on the value of human resources, and trying to get those in Eastern Connecticut to beta test a survey she describes as educational, diagnostic and prescriptive.

Traub founded the Mystic-based HR Consortium in 1995. Reflecting on the past year, she realized she needed to make CEOs and management teams understand how HR can create greater value for businesses. She said leaders are responsible for defining the culture of an organization and HR is responsible for creating that culture.

Enter the 15-minute survey, which opens June 1. The initiative is aimed at employers in all sectors, located or doing business in eastern Connecticut and with between 25 and 5,000 workers. To enter, email Traub at [email protected]

The survey includes questions about who HR reports to; a company’s HR budget; where an organization is in its “life cycle”, such as start-up, growth, maturity or decline; and the priority levels of different aspects of HR, such as culture development, analytics, manager and staff development, organizational communications and rewards.

GreatBlue Research of Glastonbury, which some may know for its work with the Sacred Heart University Institute for Public Policy on public opinion polling, is administering the survey, and the Human Resources Consortium will interpret the data.

Traub said she was working with the Eastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce to promote the survey, and once she has the data, she will report back to chamber members on the state of businesses in the area. east of Connecticut to meet their priorities. This release is scheduled for September.

In addition to the high-level report from the group, Traub said it will provide individual reports to participating companies on where they stand against their competitors and on the sophistication of their HR, with a roadmap for the future.

Kawel LauBach, a member of the Human Resource Consortium team who previously served as HR Director for the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, noted that many people see HR as a hire and a fire, but it has a role to play in how organizations brand themselves. as an employer of choice and to attract and retain the best employees.

“In short, you need to create an environment that then satisfies the type of person you hire,” LauBach said. He added: “It’s very important right now when you see the Great Resignation. There are so many people who are disenfranchised with their employer.”

He said employers are always so focused on compensation, but not on the work environment.

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Margie D. Carlisle