The Best School Bus Routing Software – Forbes Advisor

TripSpark is a reliable bus routing solution for K-12 and higher education institutions. The software is easy to use and maintain and comes with all the safety and routing features that most school bus operations need, making TripSpark Forbes Advisor the top choice for school bus routing software. school buses.

Pricing is customized to your needs and largely depends on the size of your fleet and the specific features you include in your plan. Although a free trial is not available, a sales representative will give you a personal demo of the TripSpark software and answer any questions you may have.

TripSpark offers calendar-based routing and scheduling, enabling timely trip planning, creation, and modification. Easily make schedule changes for students who need to interrupt their attendance for any reason.

GPS tracking and automatic vehicle location (AVL) provide information on the location of students and buses with pinpoint accuracy. RFID student tracking cards offer additional location data that parents and authorized personnel can access.

Bus driver management functionality allows you to manage all aspects of driver schedules; you can even connect the driver management app to third-party payroll software. The WheresTheBus parent app alerts parents when their children will arrive at their destination.

Self-hosting is available or TripSpark can host your data for you – a nice perk if you don’t want to bear the cost and hassle of server maintenance yourself. Support is available via email and phone. TripSpark also offers informational videos on its online content hub.

Who should use it: TripSpark is a safe, feature-rich solution that works well for almost any need and fleet size, which is why it’s Forbes Advisor’s choice for best overall bus routing software.

Margie D. Carlisle