Steve Cover Named Chief Technology Officer at CentralSquare Technologies; David Zolet quoted

Technology and Software Career Framework Steve Blanket joined the public sector in the service CentralSquare Technologies as chief technology officer.

The Lake Mary, Fla.-based company said Thursday that in his new role, Cover will identify ways to deliver product and customer value in agile software development through strategy.

Welcoming the new CTO, David ZoletCEO of CentralSquare said Cover arrives during a period of promising growth for the company.

“Steve’s extensive experience in designing and developing cutting-edge technology solutions will further drive innovation to solve our customers’ critical challenges,” said Zolet, quadruple Wash100 Price winner, added.

Cover will draw on nearly 30 years of professional experience as CTO of CentralSquare. He has accumulated significant experience in the technology industry, including 11 years as a chief development officer at Microsoft, senior vice president of information technology at UnitedHealth Group, and vice president of technology at Horizon Software International.

Subsequently, Cover served as Executive Vice President and Principal Consultant at LeadingAgile, where he led large-scale development initiatives for clients including a global IT company with over 10,000 employees.

Prior to joining CentralSquare, Cover served as Vice President of Human Capital Management Engineering at Ultimate Kronos Group, where he was responsible for conceptualizing workflows for a large engineering firm.

Leader specialties include establishing alignments between product and business strategy, delivering agile transformation, administering software as a service, designing software architecture, and executing modernization some products.

Comer’s appointment follows CentralSquare’s hiring of three new members to its leadership team in March, including Dara Brenner as Product manager and Weston Helms as vice president of corporate development.

Margie D. Carlisle