StartUpNV creates TechDevNV to provide Nevada startups with cost-effective, world-class software development services

StartUpNV created TechDevNV (tech-dev-en-vee) as a comprehensive, comprehensive software development and consulting program that enables Nevada-based entrepreneurs to develop technology-based products with streamlined software development solutions that are highly competitive and among the best in the world.

TechDevNV connects Nevada-based startups with world-class technology experts to develop their first product design. Using expert skills, entrepreneurs create impactful and cost-effective software solutions, helping them get their product to market faster.

“Every startup founder’s situation is different,” said StartUpNV executive director Jeff Saling. “With TechDevNV, non-technical founders can advance or build their beta test product with a trusted vendor at a reasonable price.” Saling noted that some founders may even qualify for development in exchange for equity.

TechDevNV partners with TechEdge Developers, a Nevada-based software development company founded by Rafael Kartaszynski, Ph.D., a Polish entrepreneur who moved to Nevada after recognizing the need for software development services in the United States . TechDevNV offers development and project management teams, complete with product managers, analysts, designers, developers and marketers.

“I was shocked by the limited and expensive software development solutions available in the United States when I arrived here from Poland,” Kartaszynski said. “For many startups, the price barrier of these services can mean the end of their idea journey. By leveraging the professional experience and vast network of trusted world-class developers and agencies, we can provide entrepreneurs of Nevada a one-stop consulting program that matches promising ideas with the development solutions needed to realize them.

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About StartUpNV

StartUpNV is a statewide 501(c)3 non-profit startup accelerator and business incubator for scalable Nevada startups, offering expert mentorship and access to a network of partners financial. StartUpNV’s founders, mentors, college connections, investors, and business partners work together to grow and support a robust and inclusive startup ecosystem in Nevada. Venture capital funds linked to StartUpNV, FundNV, AngeNV, and a new seed fund give local startups access to a network of financial partners for funding as well as education for entrepreneurs and angel investors. Since its inception in 2017, StartUpNV has heard pitches from nearly 700 startups, incubated 52 companies, and raised over $70 million in venture capital for more than two dozen companies. For more information visit:


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