We launched our latest payment system, Select Pi Ace. This software is cloud-based, which allows access to the system from any computer or tablet with a web browser. It’s easier to install, so there’s less downtime. Since the launch of Select Pi ACE earlier this year, over 100 lines in the US, Canada and Australia have switched to this system.

“After creating Select Pi, we have improved reporting and usability to ensure this is an ACE system for our customers and to help maximize their shooting bullet revenue! Our team is also available to ensure a smooth process and help you along the way.-Caitlyn Morris, Upgrade/Sales Consultant

Leisure Design Systems, home of the Select Pi Enterprise Golf Solution, is a software development company dedicated to creating software to support the leisure and leisure industry since 1982. We created Select Pi Ace to better serve golf facilities by allowing you to access real-time data and generate reports from anywhere in the world at any time. New features and bug fixes are pushed automatically so you’re always up to date with the latest improvements. Golfers can also top up their balance directly from the mobile app.

“Select Pi ACE is the best ball dispenser payment system on the market, and it doesn’t come close. There is no other product available that offers such a variety of payment methods, full range programs customizable, dynamic pricing, robust reporting function and much more, and with such a user-friendly interface for installation and end consumer.The fact that the whole operation can run fully automated is a huge selling point in itself, and that it’s almost an afterthought on the list of features and benefits says a lot about how good the SelectPi system really is.

In any ball dispenser purchase negotiation, I always lead with SelectPi. And those who go with SelectPi end up at the top of the list of industry-leading installs. I cannot recommend this system highly enough. –Doug Reynolds, Southeast Regional Sales Manager, Range Servant

“One of the key elements of a Blue Jeans Golf transformation is ensuring a seamless customer journey, which is why the SelectPi ACE system works very well for our range. It gives our customers an easy and hassle-free option contact to buy a bucket of shot balls. The game is changing and SelectPi is helping us be those game changers.” – John Buhr, Vice President of Operations at Golf Quest Brookfield, CT

If you would like to learn more about Ace or receive a quote for the system, please contact Caitlyn and she can help.

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