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Fast and flexible motion control software development: Elmo Motion Composer2, Software in the Loop (SIL) tool available for Platinum Series intelligent servo motors

Elmo Motion Control’s advanced Platinum Series servo drives feature an EtherCAT â„¢ network for ultra-fast synchronized single-axis and multi-axis motion and industry-leading levels of functional safety. With the full support of Elmo UK distribution partner Heason Technology, these impressive drives are now available with Elmo’s free Motion Composer2 tool allowing machine designers to easily develop, test and implement User specific machine and motion control algorithms as SIL (Software in Loop) training level. Integrated as a module in MathWorks® Simulink® Real Time Workshop, Motion Composer2 offers an assortment of library blocks based on servo performance, motion profiling, communications and robot kinematics that are assembled, compiled and downloaded on the Platinum player. Enabling rapid time-to-market with rapid development of performance-optimized algorithms, individual library blocks are easily modified with comprehensive evaluation and system-level simulation assisted by ELMO’s EASII application studio.

Integration with the real-time workshop provides access to measurement devices such as inertial sensors, gyroscopes and IMUs, as well as a multitude of I / O devices for machine control, hardware components and subsystems from a wide variety of manufacturers. Users can develop their preferred communication protocols over serial links in real time, and kinematic transformations are easily designed and implemented.

Elmo Motion’s Platinum Series covers four intelligent drive designs with one or four axis servo capability. Across the range, typical continuous power levels up to 2 kW and qualitative power levels up to 5.0 kW are available (up to 22 kW coming soon). All Platinum Series drives feature state-of-the-art processing capacity channeled through EtherCAT with cycle times of up to 100 microseconds. These impressive cycling rates form the basis for unprecedented motion synchronization and the potential of Software in the Loop processing provides a platform for extremely demanding high-speed, high-throughput motion-centric automation applications in the world. industry, research and defense. In addition to their SIL capability, the Platinum Series drives also offer full functional safety and FSoE certification. For simple application development, ELMO’s EASII Application Studio software also manages EtherCAT configuration, motion configuration, drive tuning, parameter logging, monitoring and more.

With many years of experience with Elmo Motion and backed by its own in-house design and build capability, Heason supplies and supports Elmo’s full line of servo drives and controls as separate motion components or in the framework of custom motion systems complete with positioning and mechanical drive transmission

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