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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on October 11, 2021! It’s Monday, all of you, and that means we’re all getting back into work mode. Looking ahead, we’re expecting two public debuts this week (GitLab and AvidXchange), and we’re just heading into earnings season. Get the hype! – Alexis

The Top 3 TechCrunch

  • Apple is appealing Epic’s decision: Remember when Apple managed to avoid a monopoly decision and was finally told by a judge to let third-party developers tell users there were other ways to buy their iOS software? Well, Apple isn’t really a fan of the idea. He therefore appealed the decision and requested a suspension. At a time when Microsoft is building inroads with developers, Apple seems confident in its position in the market to the extent that it is comfortable going in the opposite direction. (I remember the old phrase my father learned from a farmer: “Pigs get fat, pigs are slaughtered”.)
  • Reddit is hiring a former Google Cloud executive: Reddit, a place where communities can organize forums for anything under the sun (from the niche To the mainstream), strengthens its management team. Normally we would add “in anticipation of an IPO” to this comment, but given that Reddit struggles to raise private capital, we doubt any sort of liquidity event is in the near term.
  • In NerdWallet’s IPO file: Not all venture-backed companies create business software. NerdWallet is one such company. It is basically a content game that writes articles for consumers and small businesses looking for financial products and advice. The goal is to provide unbiased feedback and earn big commissions. It’s a pretty good company overall, although its IPO filing details the impacts of both COVID (on growth) and a recent push to the advertising front (hurting profits. ).

Startups / VC

  • LA seeks to understand air taxis: Once, during a visit to Brazil, I was told that São Paulo’s elite were traveling by helicopter. It made sense considering that the traffic I experienced in this lovely town was extremely miserable. LA is something akin to American São Paulo from a traffic point of view. So it’s not a huge shock that LA is ahead of the market in determining how air taxis are going to work. If they’re going to work at all.
  • Space factories? Varda Space will put its first space factories into orbit in 2023 thanks to SpaceX launch systems and material assistance from Rocket Lab. He’s going to send three vesicles, which will include a factory module (manufacturing?) And a way back to Earth. Over time, space factories will make things that are supposed to stay in space, but for now it looks like Varda wants to do low-gravity work that’s hard to do elsewhere and bring the goods back to the planet once. ended.
  • FrankieOne Raises $ 16 Million for FinTech Fraud Prevention: Taking a particular problem out of a busy industry and offering a solution as a service is good business. Many startups are working in this direction. One of those companies is FrankieOne, which TechCrunch says offers fintech companies “Identification and Fraud Management as a Service.”
  • Tour de France n ° 1: Swile has raised $ 200 million from SoftBank for its employee card service which offers benefits over said plastic. What do the new unicorn cards unlock for staff? TechCrunch writes that perks like “meal vouchers, gift cards, and sustainable mobility vouchers” are typical.
  • Tour de France n ° 2: Homa Games raised $ 50 million in a round led by Northzone for its mobile games business. The company has racked up hundreds of millions of downloads this year alone.
  • Mono raises $ 15 million: Uh, no, Mono has nothing to do with mono. Instead of, it’s a startup in Africa that is building a Plaid-type service for its continent. Which is super neat, and frankly an easy thing to fund for VCs, we think. African fintech has been all the rage lately, so who wouldn’t want to invest capital in its connective tissue?

BaaS has served three ways: a closer look at a rapidly changing market

Ryan Lawler continues his exploration of the emerging banking as a service industry by examining three different BaaS strategies:

  • Turnkey banking as a service.
  • Play the matchmaker between banks and fintechs.
  • Buy a bank to enter the BaaS.

“If you are looking to launch a new fintech app or if you want to add banking, debit cards or other financial services to your existing business, knowing how each of these competitors is positioned to work with them is critical. customers and banking partners, ”he said. writing.

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Facebook’s supervisory board will meet with the whistleblower: The final page of the current chapter in Facebook’s long saga of product decisions is that the “Company’s External Policy Review Committee will meet with Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee who has raised concerns about of the company last week “. It’s unclear what the bogus regulator will do next, but the news itself matters.
  • Hey look, Robbie is on TechCrunch: Former Engadget hack genius human and Bay Area music legend Roberto Baldwin wrote about Ford’s electric Mustang for our pages. Robbie is a journalist par excellence and a reducer to start.

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