Open Letter to Pike County Economic Development Authority

Dear editors,

This Mountain’s Owners/Taxpayers/Voters – on Buist Rd, Mountain Springs Rd., Valley Ct., North Ct., Schocopee Rd., Fire Tower Rd., School House Drive, Boulder Rd., Martin Rd., Miller Rd. ., Evergreen Lane, Forest Drive, Gray Towers Rd., Old Oswego TPK., We will remember what you tried to do to us. We fight for our domestic values ​​- our very existence, to protect the lives we have built for ourselves.

You care so little about us that you hired a development company that looks like you. EDA, LVL and National Land promoters care little about our health and safety. You arrogantly proclaim that “there is much to do” about the location of the aquifer. .

EDA members were part of the steering committee for this study when a professional hydrologist delineated the unconfined aquifers of the only source of drinking water from sand and gravel. I once believed in these leaders.

Your LVL Mike Gable/Dr. The Crow duo say there is *”no inherent reason not to develop this site for a fulfillment center”* when there are actually a million reasons not to. These reasons are: economic viability, water security, aviation security, noise reduction, road safety, human and constitutional rights of the Palestinian Authority, historical legacy issues and indigenous, the essence of Milford. But with your own pride – you refuse to think critically. You are blinded by the last shiny object – the mega warehouses. You got lost in the twinkling lights of your own messy projects.

We came to your monthly meeting on August 2 because we thought we could come and reason with you. But instead, you exhibited bizarre behavior. Mike Sullivan actually tried to say that the EDA had nothing to do with mega-warehouses – when it’s all been in the EDA’s monthly minutes since January. He shook his head and smiled every time we spoke. Very inappropriate and unprofessional. Commissioners Matt Osterberg and Anthony Waldron used the same tactic they had used at their commissioner’s meeting two weeks prior.

They said we were in the *”wrong place”.* And then they set up a smokescreen of meaningless arguments. We were exactly where we wanted to be: the epicenter, the command and control center, of the mega warehouse debacle and the support services you planned for your “industrial park” on our drinking water aquifer.

Come to the table with a reasonable settlement and negotiate in good faith.

This land should be now and always should have been in a permanent protected status. We are always ready to work with you.


Vito Di Biasi

Dingman Township.

Margie D. Carlisle