NNPC and security agencies uncover another illegal crude oil operation in Delta State – The Whistler Newspaper

Officials from the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Ltd, in conjunction with private security guards and government security agencies, discovered another illegal crude oil operation in Warri, Delta State.

The illegal activities were discovered at two locations in Warri, Delta State on Saturday.

It has come to light that during a visit to the creek, NNPC officials and security personnel discovered the first illegal crude oil operation around the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company’s flow station at Jones Creek, Nigeria. ‘Delta State.

For the second illegal operation, officials discovered it at the Chevron Spill Station at Utonana also in Warri.

The flow stations had illegal pipes connected to oil heads from which crude oil is flown into a reservoir inside the creek.

NNPC and Security Agencies Uncover Another Illegal Crude Oil Operation in Delta State

The discovery comes just 48 hours after angry oil workers under the umbrella of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Executives Association of Nigeria threatened to shut down oil facilities in the Niger Delta if the federal government did not quickly resolve the persistent crude oil problem. oil theft and vandalism of oil pipelines in the country.

Workers said international oil companies such as Agip, Total, Shell and Addax had stopped oil production at some wells due to the theft, saying the jobs of workers at those companies were currently at risk.

They blamed soldiers and other security guards protecting oil pipelines in the country for the continued theft of oil from the Niger Delta.

The President, PENGASSAN, Festus Osifo, speaking on the activities of the oil thieves, had said, “It has become necessary for us as an association to shout and shout because if the necessary measures are not taken, we we will be obliged to embark on a national solidarity. by removing our members from production.

“Let us join in and help the government, since they are not responding to what they should be doing, they are not being responsive in fighting this crime, since they do not have the political will to fight against this crime, we will withdraw our members and let the country crumble.

“We can’t keep producing and some people are going to siphon it off and sell it and become dollar millionaires on a daily basis. We can’t take this anymore.

“The government needs to wake up. You cannot send naval officers, civil defense officers, and Nigerian army men and women to the creeks of the Niger Delta and you are not developing a mechanism to hold them accountable.

He said that if the government failed to put an end to the problem of crude oil theft, the workers would have no choice but to call an indefinite strike.

THE WHISTLER reported last week that the group chief executive of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Ltd, Mele Kyari, was seeking the support of the judiciary to set up a special tribunal to prosecute crude oil thieves and pipeline vandals in the country.

The NNPC boss said this when he said a courtesy visit to the Chief Justice of the Federal High Court of Nigeria; Hon. Judge John Tosho.

The group CEO was accompanied during the visit by the group executive director of NNPC Ltd, upstream, Adokiye Tombomieye.

NNPC and Security Agencies Uncover Another Illegal Crude Oil Operation in Delta State

During the visit, the GCEO sought the support of the High Court for the establishment of a special court/tribunal to ensure a speedy trial of crude oil thieves and pipeline vandals.

Kyari, who described such actions as a serious threat to Nigeria’s oil production, revenue generation and, by extension, energy security, noted that a special tribunal to handle such cases would deter potential criminals and ensure investors the value of their investments.

Nigeria depends on crude oil revenues for more than 90% of its foreign exchange earnings and about 70% of government revenue.

In the first quarter of this year, Nigeria lost $1 billion in revenue due to crude oil theft and production stoppages caused by pipeline vandalism.

With a daily loss of more than 700,000 barrels of crude oil due to theft, pipeline vandalism and production stoppages,
caused by the exploitation of crude oil from a maze of pipelines owned by oil majors, experts said it has become imperative for the government to take a holistic approach to tackling the challenge of lost oil revenue raw.

At an average price of $100 per barrel of crude oil prices, this means that Nigeria is currently losing around $70 million per month to crude oil thieves and production stoppages.

The high level of oil losses caused by crude theft had caused daily oil production to fall from 1.8 million barrels per day over the past three years to just over 1 million bpd.

NNPC Ltd is currently using state-of-the-art technology to gather vital intelligence that would help security agencies pursue crude oil thieves and pipeline vandals.

Nigeria sits atop 36 billion barrels of crude oil reserves and 206 trillion cubic feet of proven gas reserves, but has seen a massive decline in crude oil revenues.

But the country had been unable to tap the potential of these resources in recent times due to oil theft and losses caused by illegal siphoning of crude oil from oil facilities.

The amount of oil delivered to the country’s various crude oil terminals has been limited by the activities of pipeline vandals and organized groups.

With oil theft and pipeline vandalism that have overwhelmed Nigeria’s oil business in recent weeks, NNPC Ltd is adopting Saudi Aramco’s model of using CCTV to monitor its pipelines transporting crude oil from wells to stations. flow in the Niger delta.

The surveillance system is known as the central coordination, data integration and activation control room.

Through the data control center, NNPC has the ability to see and monitor the movement of vessels on the coast of Nigeria’s territorial waters in real time.

From the installation, NNPC officials, in conjunction with Nigerian Navy officers, can determine, in real time, whether a vessel is legally operating in Nigeria’s coastal waters.

The data center also uses an intelligence system to detect when a crude oil theft incident has occurred, the location and the vessels involved.

As soon as such an illegal operation has been established, Center officials, through its incident reporting system, will immediately escalate this threat to security agencies for immediate action.

So far, more than 22 million liters of stolen crude have been recovered using intelligence provided by the data center.

Similarly, more than 22 million liters of diesel, 0.15 million liters of Premium Motor Spirit and 0.76 million liters of kerosene were also recovered from criminals.

Thanks to the operation, 112 suspects were arrested while 11 vehicles, 30 launches, 179 wooden boats, 37 trucks were seized and destroyed.

Other items recovered according to are 959 metal tanks, 737 ovens, 452 dugout pits, 342 tanks and 355 cooking pots were destroyed.

Similarly, 207 pumping machines, 12 welding machines, six generators and two drills were recovered from crude oil thieves.

Margie D. Carlisle