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Now apartments and townhouses sprawl out on blocks near University Parks Drive and Webster Avenue. Rutherford speaks with pride and confidence in the units, saying, “We will be offering the best residences for rent in the city, considering the finishes, the amenities, the large windows, which are amazing. Each unit will have a magnificent view.

“Unlike other companies, we don’t have a target market. We are not going after a burst. We are open to the whole community, although people will have to qualify, ”said Rutherford. “We will have a mixture of ages: young workers, seniors, small families, divorced families. That’s what makes us great. We expect strong demand. We are bullish on demand. This is why we are here.

He said Catalyst was not yet ready to disclose rental rates.

“There will be a price range offering flexibility. The needs of a young professional are different from those of a senior, who may need more amenities, ”said Rutherford. “There will be three-story row houses facing a park, with underlying garages. These are phenomenal. There will be one and two bedroom studios. There will be townhouses opening onto a main courtyard. We are going to press a lot of buttons.

Parking does not lead to development, but is a convenience that users are very fond of, he said. The rule of thumb is one parking space per room, “but we will have a lot more than that”. He described a scenario with various parking options in the mixed-use development. It will include on-street, elevated, surface, public, hotel-exclusive, private, reserved and non-reserved parking lots.


Margie D. Carlisle