Marvel and Pokémon GO Developer Announce AR Game

Marvel announces its next game World of Heroes, an AR game developed by Pokémon Go developers Niantic that will allow its players to be super.

Marvel Entertainment announces its next AR game MARVEL World of Heroes, a collaboration between Marvel Games and Niantic Labs.

Marvel Entertainment has released a trailer for its upcoming AR game MARVEL World of Heroesdeveloped by Niantic Labs, the same company that worked on the popular game Pokemon Go. The collaboration between Marvel and Niantic will allow players to create their hero, patrol their neighborhood to thwart crimes, and team up with their friends or iconic Marvel superheroes to save the multiverse. Players can expect to team up with iconic heroes such as Spider-Man and Captain America in their effort to stop the Super-Villains from wreaking havoc. Pre-registration for world of heroes is available now on the game’s official website.

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World of Heroes gives everyone the chance to be super

The trailer features three strangers in a park who gain superpowers through AR gaming. An individual gains Cyclops powers, with fire-destroying optic beams shooting from their eyes. Another can summon Mjölnir and use the power of Thor. At the same time, another person manipulates Doctor Strange’s Eldritch magic. A wide shot shows all the visitors to the park having developed superpowers before the text “We are all heroes” appears on the screen. The wide shot of the park is particularly exciting due to the involvement of social cooperative elements.

Scheduled for release in 2023, MARVEL World of Heroes will enter a period of soft launch and beta testing in limited markets. During the soft launch period, the studio is awaiting feedback from beta testers regarding gameplay testing and iteration. Those interested in joining the beta should register their email address on the game’s website to receive the latest updates. If users encounter an error while trying to register their email address, they should try from another device or browser.

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Niantic, also known as Niantic, Inc. or Niantic Labs, is an American software development company behind popular AR games. Pokemon Go, Main entranceand Pikmin Flower. Based in San Francisco, Niantic specializes in AR titles that allow players to interact with the real world. Based on the gameplay of previous Niantic titles, it’s likely that World of Heroes will have a similar style to the developer’s other games. Niantic’s apps typically include a world map that brings the game’s franchise into your world. Players can choose if they want to activate their camera, bringing characters into their world using AR technology. Despite being a well-known developer with popular titles under their belt, Niantic is still chasing the peak they reached with the release of Pokemon Go. The company is working with multiple IPs to recapture that success – whether World of Heroes will be the title remains to be seen.

MARVEL World of Heroes will officially launch in 2023, with a soft launch and beta expected earlier. Marvel is likely to release more information in the coming weeks.

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