Lucid Begins Large-Scale Deployment of DreamDrive: Release Notes (Part 1)

Lucid has begun rolling out software version 1.1.4, which contains new features for DreamDrive, the company’s ultra-intuitive advanced driver assistance system.

Lucid gives the first part of DreamDrive, along with improvements to access and profiles, navigation and other minor updates, in this new version of the software.

“With this update, we are launching new features for DreamDrive, our advanced driver assistance system. This DreamDrive update will come in two parts. We are also improving the performance of the vehicle and the infotainment system for an improved overall user experience,” the release notes state.

“Adaptive cruise control is not active in this 1.1.4 release, although you may notice minor display changes made in preparation for its rollout. Adaptive cruise control will be available in your next live update (version 1.1.5).

DreamDrive Part 1

Lucid launches the first part of DreamDrive in this update. Software version 1.1.4 includes several safety features for semi-autonomous vehicles, including automatic emergency braking, cross-traffic protection, lane departure protection, traffic alerts, and traffic recognition. traffic signs.

Automatic emergency braking

“Your vehicle is able to detect objects in your path, including other vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians. If the vehicle determines that a collision is imminent, it will warn you and then initiate automatic emergency braking to avoid or reduce the severity of the impact. Note that your vehicle may not detect stationary objects in time to avoid collisions at certain speeds.”

Cross traffic protection

“Cross Traffic Protection warns you if there is a risk of collision with another vehicle coming from either direction, both ahead or behind you. It will initiate emergency braking if necessary to avoid the ‘impact.

Lane departure protection

“Lane Departure Protection helps prevent your Lucid Air from unintentionally drifting out of the lane of traffic. It will alert you if it detects an unintended departure and initiate corrective steering if necessary to get your vehicle back into the lane.

Traffic alert

“Stopped in traffic? Traffic Drive-Off Alert will gently notify you if the vehicle in front of you has moved, but yours has not.

Traffic Sign Recognition

“Traffic Sign Recognition uses your Lucid Air’s front-facing camera to identify important road signs. It can alert you if the speed limit changes or if you’re driving the wrong way to help you obey traffic laws.

The update, which was supposed to roll out in January, had been delayed. A message from CEO Peter Rawlinson appeared on the vehicle’s screen in early January, notifying them that the features were to be included in a software update by the end of the month. Lucid is a few days late, but of course it’s better to roll out an update that the automaker trusts than to hit relatively smooth timelines.

Other improvements

Lucid also included various navigation updates, greater access and profile customization, and improvements to OTA updates. Minor issues were also fixed, such as an issue “where the pilot panel and glass cockpit could restart unexpectedly”, and radio and Alexa improvements.

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Lucid Begins Large-Scale Deployment of DreamDrive: Release Notes (Part 1)

Margie D. Carlisle