Lenovo Legion Play, a new portable console to attack the Nintendo Switch


Throw away a glove. These are Lenovo’s intentions. Using smart technology that can connect you anytime, anywhere, even when you’re not around, to work or play, the Chinese multinational based in Beijing, but also present in the United States (in Morrisville) wants to launch a new portable console to compete. with the Nintendo Switch.

Lenovo, the Lenovo Legion Play images are here (liliputer)

The data center, in the cloud or at the edge, does the same. Lenovo continues to create smart technologies put connection at the forefront of your mind. In this context, Lenovo Legion Play adapts: a portable game console with Android, whose first rumors are leaking.

Lenovo, in fact, would take the development of the device seriously, at least according to a series of images found on the portal, which means the Chinese company would consider presenting the handheld game console earlier this year. It is one of two mobile gaming devices, found hidden on Lenovo’s website, discovered by liliputing.

The first images are here: all leads lead to Lenovo Legion Play

Lenovo Legion Play is Android’s first cloud-based game console (liliputer)

Images of the innovative console have been uploaded to the portals Lenovo Germany and Lenovo Japan, where they should have been part of the company’s 2021 Mobile World Congress showcase. When MWC arrived this summer, Lenovo never showcased the Lenovo Legion Play, and it is not visible on the company’s MWC websites.

But Liliputing managed to find them thanks to the source code of the page, where there are links to four images. Complete with caption: “Designed for AAA games, Lenovo Legion Play is Android’s first cloud-based game console. The console allows users to play hundreds of cloud games, stream their game library, or play mobile games. It has a 7 “16: 9 FHD, HDR 10 bezel-less screen, built-in drivers, two speakers, dual vibration and a 7000mAh battery for the best gaming experience. Our program Development is open to all game developers. Coming soon in select markets. “

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The layout of the controls would seem similar to many purely Asian consoles, two analog sticks (one on the right, the other on the left), the inevitable a, b, x and y keys, the directional cross and two of the backbones characterize the device, at the bottom edge of which are the USB-C connector, headphone jack and microphone.

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The user interface displays the Lenovo software customization, but also contains explicit references to Nvidia’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service, Play Store, and web browser. It is difficult to understand when it will be developed, completed and finally commercialized. But Lenovo’s gauntlet seems to have been thrown anyway.


Margie D. Carlisle