Leaked videos appear to offer first glimpse of Facebook’s Oculus Pro

New Oculus leaks appear to show a first look at the alleged Oculus Pro VR headset, The edge reports.

Videos and images from the servers of Facebook, owner of Oculus, were first leaked to Reddit before being uploaded by The Verge. The videos show CG characters interacting with a new, darker VR headset and participating in activities like meetings, character customization, and games like Beat Saber.

Although the videos are in CG, they show what appears to be full-body motion tracking, new Oculus Touch-style controllers (without the ring that surrounds your hands), a charging dock, and the Horizon Workrooms app. , where users will organize meetings and use presentation tools like a 3D image of a building plan.

A Facebook image leaked showing what appears to be an Oculus Pro headset. Source: Reddit

If Facebook confirms the existence of a pro version of its Oculus Quest headset (something executives have already teased), it will likely be at the next Connect conference, where the social media company has already revealed VR hardware. Facebook also reportedly braces for big company name change which will reflect his work of building a “metaverse”, a particularly ambiguous term that technology leaders have used to define a future where brands, users and technology share a single centralized and interconnected platform. Facebook and Oculus VR hardware, along with more detailed avatars and features, will likely play a role in Facebook’s plans for the Metaverse.

The only catch to the leak is that Reality Labs Facebook vice president Andrew Bosworth said in April that the company would have no news of Oculus Quest Pro this year, The edge reported. It’s possible, however, that Facebook’s plans changed in the following months.

The Verge also reported that YouTuber Basti564 told them that references to an “Oculus Pro” can be found in recent Oculus software. According to BAsti564, the leaked videos will be played during the initial headset setup.

Meanwhile, Oculus Quest 2 has just received a VR version of Resident Evil 4, which publisher Taylor Lyles has called a “new version” of one of the most worn games of all time.

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