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OAKLAND, Calif., September 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – LaunchDarkly, the leading feature management platform for software development teams, recently unveiled a series of product updates designed to empower teams to company more control over change management processes, workflows and flag delivery functionality. The suite of enterprise-ready product updates includes approval workflows, integration with ServiceNow, and improved delivery of large-scale feature metrics. These updates ensure compliance, scalability, and better integrations with existing tools.

“LaunchDarkly doubles the developer experience with our updated workflow integrations and investments in easier-to-use team management tools,” said John Kodumal, Co-Founder and CTO of LaunchDarkly. “Even in the age of Agile and DevOps, we see organizations struggling to accelerate digital transformation at scale. Our mission from day one has been to empower engineers in all industries to create transformative technology. Now, we’ve built a feature management platform that works for all of our corporate clients, whatever their use case and whatever scale they might need.

For enterprise software delivery, developer productivity often translates directly into business success, but developers can only deploy new software as quickly as organizations can ensure compliance and mitigate risk. Workflows enable enterprise software development teams to maintain high levels of productivity with the necessary checks and balances in place.

LaunchDarkly’s approval workflows allow managers to require approvals for some or all metrics in critical environments and schedule approved changes for a later date. For teams that use ServiceNow for centralized change management, LaunchDarkly now also supports approval workflows through ServiceNow. This feature, which is available to LaunchDarkly enterprise users, helps development teams maintain compliance with their existing change management processes while empowering developers to do their best.

LaunchDarkly serves over 20 trillion feature flags daily and has over 15 million client devices connected at all times. To deliver services faster and maintain reliability at any scale, LaunchDarkly also launched its Flag Delivery @Edge project, which cuts SDK initialization times to less than 25 milliseconds.

Additional product updates for fall 2021 include smarter experimentation capabilities. With new traffic allocation rules, the ability to create and run multi-armed bandit experiences, and audience sync from Amplitude for feature targeting, LaunchDarkly users can run experiments. more efficiently to collect valuable data that helps inform product decisions.

“In a heavily regulated environment, being able to get the right features to the right customers faster while reducing the risks associated with the release process is critical,” said Melanie Pickett, Executive Vice President, Head of Front-end Solutions office at Northern Trust.

These product updates continue a period of forward momentum for the company. Over the past year, LaunchDarkly has doubled the size of its engineering team and recently announced a $ 200 million Series D funding round for a $ 3 billion valuation. The company plans to continue to grow and expand into all verticals to support a growing list of customers.

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