Launch of latest BISim desktop training software

BISim releases the latest desktop training software, with performance and user experience improvements and new features.

BISim (Bohemia Interactive Simulations), announced the release of VBS4 version 22.1, on 02 March 2022 . VBS4 is one of the most powerful and versatile desktop training and simulation platforms in the industry. It is used by military trainers for many different training situations.

VBS4 is a complete software application for land, sea and air collective training, mission rehearsal and experimentation. VBS4 22.1 includes performance and user experience improvements, as well as exciting new features, including:

    • Snow layer improvements.
    • Support for NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling).
    • Improved thermal imaging.
    • New Close Air Support (CAS) module.
    • New VBS dashboard.

Snow layer improvements

VBS4 has now improved the representation of snow all over the world. This allows independent control of snow cover on terrain and trees. The new feature also allows users to control how well the roads in the environment are plowed.

Nvidia DLSS

VBS4 now includes support for NVIDIA DLSS. It is an AI rendering technology provided by GeForce RTX graphics cards. This technology can significantly improve performance, especially on very high resolution displays.

Improved thermal imaging

VBS 22.1 dramatically improves the accuracy and realism of thermal imaging simulations. This includes simulating heat transfer from prone troops and marching vehicles to the ground and surrounding buildings. Simulation of heat generated by explosive ordnance is now also simulated in craters.

New VBS Close Air Support training

With the new VBS CAS and its easy-to-use VBS Plan interface, many users will be able to meet a wide range of Close Air Support training needs out of the box, while benefiting from the increased performance of VBS4. Users can plan and operate CAS missions in the same way as they do in the existing CFF module of VBS4.

BISim’s VBS CAS project manager, Richard Brake, says:

“With the new CAS VBS and the SBB VBS integrated into the VBS4, the VBS4 has an organic firefighting capability. This not only allows trainees to create a more complex scenario, but also improves their ability to utilize resources that they normally do not have access to. As an instructor/operator, I appreciate the ease of use of the system as a whole, but the biggest benefit is the ability to run multiple instructors/operators to scale up and have fire cells and separate air cells to coordinate with.

New overview of the VBS Close Air Support training

VBS CAS is used by military trainers for many training purposes. They can set up complex virtual battle simulations, coordinate with thousands of allies, and fight against opponents controlled by instructors. VBS CAS is available as part of the latest BISim desktop training software package. This includes:

  • RadioPro. This adds support for unlimited channels and radio types.
  • Configurable radio network presets, allowing users to customize channel names, colors and icons.
  • Radio degradation which can also be influenced by weather conditions, distance and terrain obstruction.
  • Overlay share in VBS plan. Overlay sharing allows users to share VBS Plan drawings with other VBS4 users over the network. This allows different planning “cells” to draw plan layers and submit them to quickly create collaborative drawings.
  • Support for Microsoft Bing field data. If customers have the appropriate Microsoft API key, VBS4 Bing Support allows customers to stream Bing data into VBS4.

New VWS dashboard

BISim Latest Desktop Training Software, New VBS Dashboard

New VBS World Server Dashboard

VBS4 22.1 also includes the new VWS (VBS World Server) dashboard. It has a web interface that allows administrators to remotely control and monitor the operation of the VWS. Administrators can monitor real-time system resources such as memory usage, network usage, and many other critical parameters. The administrator will be alerted to issues and will be able to start and stop individual VWS services without having physical access to the VWS server.

About Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of developing simulation and training software for military and civilian organizations. Its engineers use the latest gaming-based technologies to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software.

Thousands of service members around the world are trained using VBS software products. More than 60 NATO and NATO friendly nations, and more than 300 systems integrators and prime contractors deploy VBS technology.

  • Customers can download the latest BISim desktop training software, VBS4 22.1, from the BISim Customer Portal.

Margie D. Carlisle