Launch of Intel Developer Cloud for pre-launch software development and testing

Intel at its Innovation event this week in California talks about the new Intel Developer Cloud. The Intel Developer Cloud aims to make it easier for customers/partners/developers to test new and future hardware platforms.

Intel Developer Cloud will host new and future Intel hardware platforms to facilitate development and pre-launch testing. Intel Developer Cloud deploys immediately with access to Xeon Scalable 4th Gen “Sapphire Rapids” server platforms as well as Intel Data Center GPUs.

It’s a good move assuming wide enough availability among developers, especially on the Linux/open source side, will be attractive.

On the AMD side, AMD launched Accelerator Cloud last year to test EPYC processors and Instinct accelerators and facilitate the evaluation of their ROCm compute stack. The AMD Accelerator Cloud is similar to the Intel Developer Cloud, but on AMD’s side it’s new but expensive hardware, while Intel’s Developer Cloud will appear to be for more pre-launch testing .

Among the Xeon Scalable Sapphire Rapids processors that will be available in Intel Developer Cloud are SKUs with High Bandwidth Memory (HBM). Xeon D “Ice Lake D” processors will be available in this cloud along with Habana Gaudi2 deep learning accelerators.

More details on Intel Developer Cloud are expected to be released soon at and open the cloud shortly as a limited beta trial.

Margie D. Carlisle