Keeper Solutions – A world leader in software development and design!

Guardian Solutionsa global leader in software development and design founded in Limerick and with delivery centers in Europe and the United States, is set to continue its expansion in the United States.

The software publisher is the partner of choice for scaling FinTech and MedTech companies. Keeper helps dynamic organizations efficiently scale their resources. Everything from idea to discovery to delivery, using design-driven thinking and an agile delivery process.

Keeper Solutions’ client portfolio includes a range of FinTech, MedTech and CleanTech clients in Ireland and the US, including Fexco, AccountsIQ, Momnt, AppValut, Lobby CRE and most recently Taxback.

Like many companies and industries around the world, Keeper recognizes the importance of talent acquisition and retention in the booming software space. Last October, Keeper launched its research and development product, Keeper Tokens, a SaaS-based product designed to reward and retain employees fairly and easily using blockchain technology, a unique system of its kind.

Keeper is launching its second Software Bootcamp which starts in early June. These will be highly sought-after full-time positions open to fresh graduates, graduates, or people changing careers to software development. This Bootcamp will focus on JavaScript/ React and Node.js languages. It’s perfect for anyone passionate about building web applications that solve real problems. To register your interest, send a brief description of yourself and your experience to date to [email protected] with the reference “Keeper Solutions Software Bootcamp” in the subject line. Bootcamp registration closes May 26.

Initiatives such as in-house software Bootcamps, Keeper Tokens, and Keeper’s recent partnership with the groundbreaking Immersive Software Engineering program at the University of Limerick will all help Keeper continue its successful expansion into the United States.

Guardian Solutions intends to open offices in the city of Limerick and Atlanta, Georgia in the coming year to continue its planned growth in both markets.

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Margie D. Carlisle