IMDb’s new app helps you decide what to watch

Tired from a long day? Want to relax on the couch in front of the TV, but don’t want to scroll through endless shows to find something to watch? IMDb has an app for that. What To Watch is a new free app designed to help Fire TV users decide – you guessed it – what to watch.

The app uses a series of mini-games to help make this decision fun instead of stressful. Once you complete a game, the app generates a list of recommendations, along with IMDb user ratings and runtimes for each title, to help you decide.

You can play Quick Draw, a game that mixes virtual “playing cards” with options from TV shows and movies. Or you can play this or that, where you’ll answer questions to help narrow down the recommendations. IMDb also plans to launch more minigames in the app.

“The new IMDb What to Watch app for Fire TV makes it easy, fun, and quick to discover trending titles and hidden gems for customers,” IMDb COO Nikki Santoro said in a statement. Release Thursday.


Some of the mini-games available through the What to Watch app.


IMDb, which is owned by Amazon, recently renamed its IMDb Television streaming service as Amazon free. The streaming service plans to add 70% more original content to its platform this year.

“Customers are increasingly turning to streaming ad-supported premium content, and we’ve developed Freevee to provide them with highly sought-after content with half the commercials of traditional television,” said Freevee’s director, Ashraf Alkarmi.

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Margie D. Carlisle