How to Increase the Number of Jump List Items in Windows 11

Want to improve your Windows 11 jump list? Here’s how to add other elements to it.

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Jump Lists are lists of recently opened files for software that you can view by right-clicking their taskbar icons in Windows 11. You can choose to open files included in Jump Lists . A Jump List in Windows 11 displays a maximum of 13 file items.

Windows 7 includes an option to change the number of file items included in Jump Lists. However, Windows 11 does not have this setting built-in. However, you can still increase the number of file items Jump Lists include in Microsoft’s latest desktop platform with one of these two different methods.

How to increase the number of jump list items by editing the registry

The registry is a database of Windows configuration settings. For this method, you will need to manually edit the registry to add a new DWORD to adjust the number of jump list items. This relatively simple registry tweak only takes a few minutes to apply. You can increase the number of jump list items with Registry Editor as follows.

  1. Click the Start menu button on your taskbar.
  2. Enter the keyword Registry Editor in the search text box at the top of the menu.
  3. Open Registry Editor by clicking Execute as administrator for this search result.
  4. Then copy this registry key location by pressing the CTRL+C shortcut : ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced. Paste this path in the registry editor address bar with the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.
  5. Then right click on the Advanced key in the left sidebar of Registry Editor to select New.
  6. Click on DWORD (32-bit) value in the submenu.
    The DWORD (32-bit) Value option
  7. Contribution JumpListItems_Maximum in the DWORD text box.
  8. Double click on the JumpListItems_Maximum DWORD that you just added to the registry.
  9. Enter a number greater than 13 in the Value data to increase the number of items the jump list can include.
  10. Then click Okay to save.
    The Edit DWORD window
  11. Quit the Registry Editor window.


That’s it, now go check out Windows 11’s extended jump lists. Open a software window, then right-click its taskbar icon. As long as you have recently opened more than 13 files with the software, you will see its jump list includes more items.

The Extended Jump List menu

To restore the default maximum number of jump list items, open the advanced key again in the registry editor. Right click on the JumpListItems_Maximum DWORD that you previously added and select Remove. Click on Yes to confirm the action.

The Delete option

How to increase number of jump list items with Winaero Tweaker

If you don’t feel like editing the registry yourself, you can increase the number of jump list items with Winaero Tweaker instead. Winaero Tweaker is third-party software that includes a plethora of customization settings for Windows 11/10. It has a file explorer option to change the number of items in the jump list. This is how you can extend jump lists with Winaero Tweaker.

  1. Open the Winaero Tweaker homepage in a web browser.
  2. Click on Download WinaeroTweaker to save the ZIP archive of the software.
  3. press the File Explorer taskbar button and open the folder containing the Winaero Tweaker ZIP file.
  4. Double-click the ZIP archive for Winaero Tweaker, then click the Extract all button.
    The Extract All button
  5. Select the Browse possibility to choose another directory for the extract if you prefer.
  6. If the View extracted files when complete checkbox is not already checked, select this option.
    The Extract Compressed (zipped) Folder window
  7. Click on Extract to unzip the ZIP file.
  8. Double click Setup WinaeroTweaker- to display its configuration wizard.
  9. Click on following to select the regular mode and I accept the agreement options.
  10. To select another installation path, click Browsechoose a folder, then select Okay.
    The Winaero Tweaker configuration window
  11. Then click following a few more times to select To install.
  12. Double-click the Winaero Tweaker desktop shortcut to open its software.
  13. Then double click on the File Explorer category in the Winaero Tweaker window.
  14. Select the Change Jump List Item Number option.
    The Change Jump List Item Number option
  15. Drag the bar slider to Number of items in jump list option on the right to increase the number of items included in lists.
  16. Click it Log out now option that appears after adjusting the bar slider.
    The Log out now option
  17. Log back into Windows 11.

Windows 11 Jump Lists will include the number of items you set with Winaero Tweaker’s Change Jump List Item Number option. Right-click an icon on your taskbar to display its expanded jump list. You can always restore the original default number by dragging the slider on this option bar up. 13 stitches.

Expand Jump Lists in Windows 11

The Jump Lists extension will allow you to select more recently opened files for the software from the taskbar. The larger your jump lists, the more automatic shortcuts you have to open files with. These shortcuts can save you a lot of time when manually finding and opening files (or web pages for browsers) in Windows 11 software.

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