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When it comes to identifying software bugs and issues in our technology, one thing is for sure, the main goal is to make sure they don’t happen again – although that’s not always the case. .

In a nutshell, Quality Assurance (QA) aims to detect bugs and resolve issues while ensuring that preventative measures are in place, so that bugs do not reoccur in the future. Broadly speaking, the bug tracking software market is expected to reach just over US$600 million by 2026, up significantly from US$218 million in 2018 and growing at a growth rate annual compound of 13.60% over the forecast period. This growth will be fueled by the increased need for bug-free software development in a short turnaround time and increased spending on software testing processes.

With this in mind, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in bug tracking software is becoming more widespread as it can perform real-time monitoring and alerting of exceptions, quickly understand errors, and find bugs. important errors, and help developers understand the error and fix the problem. root cause much faster.

To meet Railtown AI Technologies Inc. (CSE: RAILWAY, Forum)a Burnaby, BC-based technology company that develops software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for software development teams that use and deliver AI solutions for optimizations and insights at every stage of the process. software development.

Current problems that exist in the Quality Assurance (QA) process are identifying issues after they have already occurred instead of catching them before they become major issues, this is how Railtown AI is able to stand out from its peers in space.

Current Issues in the Quality Assurance (QA) Process

Currently, it is estimated that at least 40% of development effort and time is spent tracing and finding errors, which means that tools and integrations are needed to find solutions to these problems. As such, it takes time to analyze and determine what the root problem is, then deploy a solution and monitor its resolution. For this reason, many organizations do not have a dedicated team or the resources to do this or find a solution in a cost-effective or transparent way.

This is where a company like Railtown AI comes in. Using its AI platform, the company’s solutions can detect and prioritize errors early and before they spread. In an interview with Stockhouse Editorial, Railtown AI CEO Cory Brandolini explained that the company decided to create an application based on machine learning and AI to improve software engineering efficiency.

He explained that software engineering problems are becoming increasingly complex because software programs essentially run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with teams of engineers working around the clock to ensure that no problem occurs that could crash a system and damage a system. the society.

The Railtown AI Advantage

While solutions exist to detect bugs and glitches in software, Railtown AI stands out from the crowd with its platform that catches and detects errors and bugs before they can even spread.

As it stands, Brandolini said that in order to facilitate the entire inner workings of the technology – which includes manpower, tools and real-time issue notifications – Railtown AI decided to create a platform that can understand building an application at its earliest stage so that it can recognize an issue that will occur at the earliest stage of a code or build pipeline before the problem reaches the end user.

“Railtown is designed to capture all errors in a root-cause build at the earliest stage of an engineer’s cycle pushing that build,” he explained. “If that exception is caught before it becomes a problem , then you have now cracked the code to fix critical issues when they reach [consumers] and reduce the engineering costs companies invest in solving these problems with manpower.”

In other words, simple coding errors cost businesses billions of dollars in damages and lost revenue, and that’s where Railtown AI and its solutions come in. Brandolini explained that the company’s mission is essentially to use AI to monitor the health and performance of applications and detect the root causes of problems before they turn into major problems AND, in turn, become expensive to solve.

Simply put, Railtown’s dashboard can track efficiencies across an organization’s development team as well as application health, while eliminating costly downtime. This means that critical coding errors can take hours to fix, resulting in a 42% loss in productivity, which equates to over 17 hours spent on bad code and debugging a week’s worth of work. 40 hours.

With this in mind, Railtown’ platform offers three different editions of its platform for different levels of use, including:

Developer Edition – this is primarily intended for students, teachers and solo developers. This edition supports single projects as well as local environment and a deployed environment in addition to advanced error tracking and grouping and provides error notifications.

Team Edition – it offers advanced dashboards, analytics and CI/CD support and can handle multiple projects and multiple developers in one place.

Business Edition – this edition offers customized solutions with better prices and dedicated support for the specific needs of a large enterprise.

Regardless of the Railtown AI platform used, the amount of savings in potential bug detection is insurmountable, while making the business a unique investment opportunity like no other.

The management team

Marwan Haddad, Founder/CTO

Marwan Haddad has over 25 years of experience in software development, in addition to 10 years of experience leading and building high performing engineering and product development teams.

Haddad also spent 8 years as CTO and VP of Engineering for RESAAS, which is a globally award-winning real estate cloud platform. Prior to joining RESAAS, Haddad worked as a software consultant and solutions provider to a wide range of local and international companies. Haddad also has experience building teams and building apps/platforms on time and on budget.

Additionally, Haddad has led development efforts/teams and launched multiple platforms for Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft and Starbucks Haddad holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and has completed several advanced courses in GIS and actively participates in UBC’s computer science/engineering mentorship programs.

Cory Brandolini, Founder/President

Cory Brandolini has over 3 decades of experience in financial markets and as an advisor to disruptive and high-growth software companies within the technology industry. Throughout his career, Brandolini has helped raise over $150 million for public tech companies. His experience includes 2 decades spent in the investment industry with Octagon Capital and Wolverton Securities.

Brandolini was also most recently the Founder, CEO and Chairman of RESAAS Services, where the platform experienced its highest growth rate as a raw startup with over 400,000 subscribed real estate agents worldwide. Brandolini continued to provide capital markets and M&A advice to technology companies, including Proteic Bioscience Inc. and WISR AI Inc.

Elliot Holtham, Founder/AI Data Scientist

Elliot Holtham has extensive experience in the natural sciences, engineering and technology. Holtham has a passion for developing innovative technologies, while his strong work ethic and competitive spirit has enabled him to advise and lead groups to success. Holtham also served as co-founder, CEO and COO of Xtract AI, a machine learning company that was acquired by Patriot One Technologies (TSX:PAT). Holtham has a doctorate. in Geophysics from the University of British Columbia and was awarded Canada’s most prestigious graduate scholarship, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. Holtham has also co-authored over a dozen published scientific papers and has spoken at technical conferences around the world. Holtham also holds an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, where he was on the Dean’s List, and graduated from UBC’s Engineering Physics department with honors.

Kevin O’Neill, Founder/Chairman

Kevin O’Neill has spent his 35-year career working in technology, investing, consulting and leadership. O’Neill was also co-founder and CEO of 5 disruptive technology companies which were later acquired by major tech companies, including a digital auction company (acquired by OpenLane), a unified messaging company (acquired by AOL), a telecommunications company (acquired by Microsoft), a network performance company (acquired by Packeteer), and an artificial intelligence company (acquired by Patriot One).

The investment corner

As of this writing, Railtown AI has a market capitalization of C$14.54 million and a share price of $0.19, with 76.51 million shares and 76.51 million outstanding shares.

With its real-time SaaS AI solution that quickly detects, analyzes and resolves issues, Railtown AI is able to prevent system and application downtime, providing a one-stop solution on the market.

With this in mind, as the use of AI also grows at an exponential rate, the potential of Railtown AI will also increase, as its team of experts continues to drive innovation and value for its customers – and its investors. .

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Margie D. Carlisle