Handcrafted Learning Announces Launch of Personalized Interactive Learning Experiences for Blind Learners

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Handcrafted Learning announced the launch of a new offering: learning experiences for legally blind users.

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, USA, Oct. 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Handcrafted Learning, a learning and development company that creates learning solutions for Fortune 500 customers, announced the launch of a new offering: personalized interactive learning experiences that serve legally blind users.

Through this service, Handcrafted Learning supports organizations that are committed to meeting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at the AA level while providing end users with world-class interactive digital training.

Handcrafted Learning is known for creating highly interactive learning experiences that are simulations of the jobs people do. In these experiences, users make choices, make mistakes, and experience the results of their decisions. This announcement signals that learners who are blind or visually impaired can fully engage in the same gaming experience as their colleagues.

“Computer-based training for blind learners has always been horrible. If you use a screen reader, you probably know what I mean,” said Dorothy Cafino Finnigan, owner and co-founder of Handcrafted Learning. “For years, our team has been passionate about answering the question: what makes for a great interactive learning experience when you can’t see the screen?”

Handcrafted Learning’s research and development has taken the team beyond the training industry into the gaming world. “In early interviews with learners who use screen readers, we asked what games people played and what made those experiences frustrating or enjoyable,” Cafino Finnigan said. “We experimented and gathered feedback from learners who used their assistive technology in different ways. We repeated until the user experience was as smooth and engaging for blind learners as it was for sighted learners. »

Learning experiences accessible by Handcrafted Learning have already been launched to over one hundred thousand learners.

With today’s announcement, the company is officially offering this service to more customers.

“Our goal is to create equivalent experiences, so we test during development and get feedback from real learners who use assistive technology,” said Gem Moon, lead learning experience designer at Handcrafted Learning. “If any part of our design doesn’t give them the experience they want, we change the design. We want something that will also be interactive for all learners. »

More and more Fortune 500 companies are committing to providing accessible experiences for their employees, as shown in statements like the one launched in September by Disability:IN, the global nonprofit for people’s inclusion. with disabilities that works with 400 of the world’s largest companies. Google, Merck and T-Mobile are among the top 20 signatories of the Procure Access Statement, which publicly confirms a company’s commitment to advancing the provision of accessible digital products and services.

“We are excited that some of our customers are starting to prioritize creating accessible learning experiences for their employees,” said Soo Choi, COO of Handcrafted Learning. “Our developers, visual designers, and learning experience designers have spent years improving our user experience design processes and take pride in integrating accessibility considerations into our project lifecycles.”

“Compliance with WCAG AA standards is a baseline, or at least it should be,” Cafino Finnigan said. “Our team strives to take it to the next level: creating accessible, interactive learning experiences that are meaningful, fun, and allow people to practice real job skills.”

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Handcrafted Learning is a learning and development company that designs and develops innovative learning experiences for its Fortune 500 customers. Handcrafted Learning integrates accessibility considerations into prototyping processes and learner testing practices, and consults customers who are new to accessible learning design.

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