Growing Virginia Payments Company Announces Up to 50 Wise County Job Openings | WJHL

BIG STONE GAP, Va. (WJHL) — A business-to-business payment and invoice automation company announced Thursday that 50 job openings will open in Wise County, Va.

Richmond-based Paymerang, which recently expanded its physical location in Chesterfield, plans to hire up to 50 employees for jobs ranging from software development, cloud engineering – the backbone of software – and operations payment for the company’s national customers.

The expansion stems from a collaborative effort between InvestSWVA, Paymerang and its parent company, Virginia-based Aldrich Capital Partners. According to a press release, this partnership brings downtown coworking space to Big Stone Gap.

CEO Nasser Chanda told News Channel 11 he became familiar with the Southwest Virginia area when his daughter attended UVA-Wise for a year.

“I met the people there and – great training, strong, hard-working, curious, ethical people – that’s what impresses us,” said Chanda, who revealed the company works with Mountain Empire and has already hired local workers to kick off the expansion.

“We want Big Stone Gap and the surrounding area to become a place for investment, a place for job growth,” he said. “We also see the digital economy – Paymerang is playing in the fintech space, so we are in the digital economy. We create software development jobs, cloud engineering jobs, operations jobs that focus on automated financial services across the country. »

The company, which allows its customers to automate their invoice approval and viewing process and pay its suppliers electronically with a single payment file, aims to offer competitive salaries with employment opportunities additional.

“We want to give people a living wage that they can be proud of,” Chanda said. “We want to give them meaningful work, and when you do meaningful work, you feel like you’re making a difference. Paymerang makes the difference.

“We work for municipalities, cities, government entities across countries; we work for the water districts; we work for hospitals, manufacturers – all these customers tell us that thanks to Paymerang, [their] business is more efficient.

Chanda revealed that Paymerang started in 2016 with 25 people and has since grown to employ 225 – a number that continues to grow. A company press release says Aldrich Capital Partners – which backs disruptive innovation in information technology, fintech and healthcare application software – became its parent company in 2018. .

An Aldrich managing partner, Mirza Baig, said in a press release that the company invested $26 million in Paymerang four years ago — its largest investment in a Virginia company at the time. In 2021, Aldrich invested an additional $10 million.

“We are very pleased that Paymerang and eHealth Technologies, also a member of our portfolio, are successfully expanding their business in the Southwest Virginia region,” Baig said. “As an entrepreneur behind entrepreneurs, Aldrich Capital Partners is thrilled to help grow businesses like Paymerang, for the benefit of all stakeholders, including our friends and neighbors in Southwest Virginia.”

U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) said in a company press release that the expansion will create an oasis of opportunity for those he represents.

“I commend Paymerang for locating a hub in Big Stone Gap and providing 50 employment opportunities in the area related to the company’s central Virginia headquarters,” Griffith said. “This will help pave the way for increased economic growth in our region.”

Excitement was also expressed on a more local level, with Big Stone Gap City Manager Steve Lawson sharing his enthusiasm for the expansion in a statement provided in a press release.

“Our mission is to connect our tradition of a positive quality of life – abundant in the arts, education and recreation – with a contemporary experience that attracts all kinds of businesses, especially entrepreneurial businesses from all sectors” , did he declare. “Paymerang will find great employees in Wise County who will thrive in the Big Stone Gap coworking space.”

“We see it as an ecosystem,” Chanda said. “Life is always about doing more than just you and yourself. It’s about giving back to the wider community around you…Economic development is a big part of what we want to be.

Margie D. Carlisle