Google launches .day domains to draw attention to special days


Google launched its new .day domain name system, allowing businesses, charities, organizations and individuals to use the domain names to bring special attention to certain days and causes.

.day domain names are already used by religious and cultural organizations, for example, to publicize how and why holidays like Ramadan, Diwali and Easter are celebrated around the world. Days like Holocaust Remembrance Day by the World Jewish Congress and Braille Day by the National Federation of the Blind are also included.

Google also highlighted awareness of nonprofits, including Trans Visibility Day by the Human Rights Campaign, Native Nonprofits Day by the Native Ways Federation, Trans Day Equal Pay by National Women’s Law Center, Accessibility Day by GAAD Foundation, MLK Day by NAACP, Wildlife Day by World Wildlife Fund, Red Nose Day by Comic Relief, Veterans Day by Team Rubicon and Sesame Street Day by Sesame Street.

You can even “donate” your birthday on the day you were born to the charity Save the Children.

Companies are also buying .day domain names, such as for Ferrero, for wedding company The Knot, and by the FTD flower delivery service. Celebrities and influencers are following suit, including

Margie D. Carlisle