ENYAQ iV gets a software update

Easier planning of load stops

Route planning has also been improved to show charging options along the route, including remaining battery capacity and estimated time to replenish power. The navigation system is now more efficient at adding alternative charging stations to the route. These can be easily searched and filtered according to various criteria – whether it is an IONITY or Power Pass station, for example, the required charging power, etc.

Less cluttered virtual cockpit and heads-up

Software upgrade data presents improved visualization in the Virtual cockpit and Head-up display. Objects around the car now look more realistic, and the battery charge level is displayed as a percentage in addition to the corresponding symbol.

Personalization, remote access and destination import

The new ME3 software version also affects SKODA Connect online services. “ENYAQ iV is constantly online. One of the functions available is the customization of several vehicle parameters. If customers log in with their ŠKODA ID account in one car, their preferred setting preferences for various systems are transferred from other ŠKODA vehicles that support this service. In this way, for example, settings for electric seats, mirrors, air conditioning or assistance systems from another ENYAQ iV can be applied. The selected user profile can be protected with a code and is automatically assigned to a specific physical car key,” explains ŠKODA Connect specialist František Budinský.

The ŠKODA CONNECT online service allows you to transfer your personal settings from one ŠKODA car to another.

Because the car is always online, its status or current parking position, for example, can be monitored remotely. You can also plan a route from the comfort of your home and then send the destination to the car. The MyŠKODA app takes the current battery level into account when calculating the route. Accordingly, it can plan charging stations along the way in the current version of the app in cooperation with the popular server ABRP (A Better Route Planner). After the final destination is sent to the car, the route is recalculated on a remote server using the online route calculation service to ensure that the situation has not changed in the meantime.

ME3 makes commuting a lot of fun, partly thanks to the updated MyŠKODA app.

Margie D. Carlisle