Developer wants to turn 127-year-old Hamilton factory into apartments and retail

Here are photos of other projects Bloomfield / Schon worked on. PROVIDED

Doerflein, the owner of Heaven Sent, a group of businesses on Pleasant Avenue that includes a cafe, gift shop, religious bookstore, wedding chapel and banquet hall, said she saw the old spinning mill wool everyday and, “I’m really ticked off about this. Hope it passes. “

“I love this old building,” she said. “It’s not an eyesore. I love it. She is like a great old lady.

“I’ve been praying for this since a few years ago when they had a meeting in our banquet hall,” said Doerflein, who has an old photo of the building when it was best looking, and had a fountain in front.

“I have a love for Lindenwald and a love for this building,” Doerflein said. “I think it will probably attract more people to the area. “

She said she was told that when the Hamilton Plaza was built, “it broke Lindenwald, because people started driving up to the square.”

She and others are hoping for a rebound, in part because the city, after revitalizing its downtown and the Main Street Corridor, is now extending its attention to Lindenwald, and in part because when 10,000 or more athletes and their families are starting to arrive some weekends next year at the gigantic Spooky Nook Sports Champion Mill, there will be more potential customers for shops, restaurants and services.

To explore“There is real potential”: Hamilton’s booming Lindenwald business district

Smith in his presentation to the council noted that Lindenwald is the most populous of the city’s 17 wards and has the third largest business district in Hamilton, after the downtown area and the Main Street commercial corridor. The city has also recently purchased properties in the business district to help develop storefronts there.

“We believe it is time to start investing resources in Lindenwald,” Smith said. “For many years we tried to find different developers.

Smith said the city had discussed with the University of Miami about its Hamilton campus and that the area where the factory building is “is very important to them, it is very important to Lindenwald, it is very important. for Hamilton, ”he said.

The city recently worked with a planning class in Miami, who prepared a plan to better connect the campus to the neighborhood as the university continues its expansion efforts, and “housing and the commercial part are very important to the city. them, ”Smith said. He showed the council photos of the projects Bloomfield / Schon, who is said to be the lead developer, has created.

To explorePlanners work to suggest better links between Lindenwald and the Hamilton campus in Miami

City staff said Cincinnati-based Bloomfield / Schon was the design and development company that transformed the American Can Lofts in Cincinnati and the Peters Cartridge Factory in Maineville. The promoters would have 24 months after receiving the tax credits to complete the project.

“This project will be a catalyst for reinvestment in Lindenwald,” predicted a staff report to the board.

Margie D. Carlisle