Cogniteam, AI robotics start-up, raises $ 4.2 million


Cogniteam, an advanced robotic AI software development company, recently raised $ 4.2 million from private equity funds, led by Seabarn Management Founder and CEO Andrew Owens.

Cogniteam has developed an AI-based robot automation and programming system for the development, maintenance, control and deployment of robots and fleets. This will accelerate the next robotic revolution. As robotic development companies program increasingly complex robotic applications, they typically start with the open source robotic operating system (ROS), before being stuck by its limitations. The generic nature of open source resources lacks the complex layers needed to address real-world robotic challenges, explains Cogniteam.

Cogniteam dramatically reduces the development time and cost of new robotics applications, which are currently around six years, by delivering a single program that will take into account the full lifecycle of a robot’s development and operation. Cogniteam’s cloud-based robotic operating system is based on technology proven in field-tested robots that Cogniteam has developed over the past 11 years.

Cogniteam software will save businesses thousands of hours of programming and testing. This complete platform is open to companies and individuals who wish to develop robots based on pre-built customizable software packages. Users benefit from launching projects based on out-of-the-box software packages, enabling even the largest companies to overcome common fundamental programming challenges.


Margie D. Carlisle