CAVR (LiveToBeHappy, Inc) Forecasts 2022 Revenue of $25 Million and Prepares to List on OTCQB

CAVU Resources, Inc.

CHARLOTTE, NC, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LiveToBeHappy, Inc. (OTCM: CAVR, soon to be LTBH) (“LiveToBeHappy” or the “Company”), announces that due to its aggressive growth, it plans $25 million in revenue for 2022.

Kevin Vincent Cox, Managing Director of LiveToBeHappy, Inc., said, “The company has entered an exciting phase of growth and we will be making many updates in the coming weeks as we progress in our expansion to the national scale. Some of the things we will be reporting on include newly planned acquisitions, significant financing, and progress on nationwide franchising plans by our subsidiary, RenuYou.

Sinacori Builders, another one of our successful subsidiaries, which was recently awarded a contract with the national builder, Toll Brothers, for $5,805,000.00, is now in contract talks with the national builder, DR HORTON, for a contract of several millions of dollars. We look forward to providing an update on the closing of this prestigious opportunity.

The company will continue to invest in both short- and long-term growth and recently issued a 125 million share settlement to finalize payment for past acquisitions – which are generating growing revenues. The company believes that a number of these shares could be returned to cash as we continue to grow the business.

Additionally, due to the ambitious execution of our business plans, we are pleased to comfortably forecast $25 million in revenue for 2022. The Company considers this to be a conservative estimate and will revise this figure. steadily as it continues to grow and makes targeted acquisitions.

Uplisting and Nasdaq
While the company’s goal is to eventually reach the Nasdaq, the company has taken steps to quickly list on the OTCQB.

About LiveToBeHappy, Inc.

LiveToBeHappy, Inc. is a platform company that acquires undervalued assets and manages them professionally. LiveToBeHappy Inc.’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Sinacori Builders, is a residential land development and builder of custom single and multi-family homes in Charlotte, North Carolina. LiveToBeHappy, Inc. has two remaining pending acquisitions under letters of intent that are expected to transform the Company into a vertically integrated real estate development company with a broader footprint and a more diversified revenue stream. The company’s mission is to build lives, not just places to live. For more information, please visit our website at

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