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Name of the organization: Development of Douglaston

Project title: Square of the crossroads

Project location: Bronx, NY

Project description:
Crossroads Plaza is a transformative 587,000 square foot, multi-phased, mixed-use community that spans and connects portions of Union Avenue, Southern Boulevard and East 149th Street in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx. Before Douglaston Development came into possession of the land, what we know today as Crossroads Plaza was previously an abandoned gas station and unmapped street that had been vacant since 1970. The site provided the perfect opportunity to establish affordable housing residences as well as accompanying educational, health and community service offerings that currently occupy the entire ground floor commercial spaces of the complex. Upon acquiring the site, the Douglaston team worked diligently to bring this vision to life. Receiving its final certificate of occupancy from the City in March 2022, Crossroads Plaza is comprised of three affordable housing buildings, offering a total of 425 affordable housing units, 60,000 square feet of community space, a 20,000 pedestrian plaza square feet, a children’s play area and a parking lot with 160 spaces.

Impact on the community:
The 60,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor located in the three-phase community of Crossroads Plaza has been carefully and thoughtfully organized to ensure that the businesses and organizations that rent this space would be able to provide resources vital to residents of Crossroads Plaza. as the largest community in Mott Haven.

Today, Crossroads Plaza community benefit tenants include Essen Health Care, which provides emergency, primary and secondary medical services in an area historically known for having limited medical and dental resources, a universal kindergarten that serves approximately 180 students in the community (many of these students residing in Crossroads Plaza) and The New York Foundling, providing vital social services for neighborhood families and children.

In addition to the community-focused tenants that Douglaston brought to the complex in three phases, various resident and community programs are implemented throughout the year. More recently, the annual Crossroads Plaza Summer Party was held which brought a range of different activities and offerings to the children and families that make up the community.

Description of the organization:
Douglaston Development is a New York-based real estate development company specializing in a wide range of projects ranging from affordable and market-priced developments, mixed-income rentals and market-priced condominiums, retirement communities and commercial spaces. Working closely with its affiliated construction and management companies, Levine Builders and Clinton Management, Douglaston Development has the advantage of being one of the few owner-builder-managers in the industry.

Members of the team:

The DDNY Team:
Russell Lang
Jessica Sherman
Joel Kolkmann

Partners: NY Housing Partnership, Settlement Housing, HPD, HDC, Wells Fargo, Chase

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