Canary deploys LS Retail ERP in supermarket chain WA Spudshed – Services – Software

Sydney-based managed service provider Canary Technology Solutions has deployed LS Retail’s ERP at supermarket chain Spudshed.

The rollout aimed to access centralized customer data and a self-managed supply chain and automate manual tasks, as well as move staff away from siled operations.

Spudshed, part of the Galati Group, is an independent supermarket chain based in Western Australia, operating 17 locations in the Perth metropolitan area.

Speaking on the rollout, Galati Group’s CIO, Kelly French, said the lack of a unified commerce system was creating logistical challenges for the fresh produce supplier, who, in addition of its fifteen stores, has its own distribution centers, marketplace operations, manufacturing facilities and firm ownership.

“The data was disconnected and we didn’t know if our store sales were actually aligned with our financial systems,” French said.

While any business benefits from a single source of data to assess its processes, French said it was imperative for Spudshed as it operates most of its own supply chain.

Synchronized data was needed to assess the profitability and performance of its stores, warehouses, merchandising and finances.

Canary was hired to install the new ERP system and manage the data migration and cleanup. Canary told CRN the project is underway.

LS Central, which is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, was selected in part because of its grocery-specific features, such as tracking expiration dates and managing electronic shelf labels.

Darren Jerrett, retail IT manager at Canary, said that after implementation, the MSP “still supported Spudshed’s retail operations 24, 7, 365 days a year.”

“We are also actively monitoring Spudshed’s systems and resolving issues before stores even know they have a problem.”

The Icelandic provider partner has four divisions: Canary Cybersecurity, Canary Enterprise Resource Planning and Point of Sale, and Canary Managed Services.

The reseller has a broad offering as it was born out of Consult’s acquisition of fellow MSP BCPrise and Diversus Group in May.

French said the implementation freed up time spent on manual entry tasks.

“Automating invoice management will reduce the risk of human error and allow us to focus resources on meaningful tasks that will bring value to the business.”

Integrating the company’s data has also improved its ability to analyze consumers and build customer loyalty.

French said the company’s loyalty app “was in the top 20 on Apple’s App Store for the first month.”

Spudshed can now track customer preferences and create personalized promotions and discounts that interest them, Galati Group said.

Margie D. Carlisle