Best Fleet Management Software – Forbes Advisor

Onfleet is fleet management software specifically designed for small businesses that want to deliver the best customer experience. It starts at $ 149 per month and increases based on the features you need or the number of tasks. The Starter plan gives you 1,000 tasks and, for comparison, the highest level is $ 1,999 per month for 12,500 tasks and is full.

At the lowest level, you only have access to tasks and Zapier integration. Every task you use is for your drivers, so it could be a delivery or pickup, for example. You can configure scheduled tasks or create one manually. Tasks can also be used for work orders, such as vehicle maintenance. There are also features on the highest levels to chat with your drivers and customers and real-time tracking of private label deliveries for your customers.

Onfleet is more dispatch software than fleet management, but when you add Zapier, you can connect it to thousands of apps to automate your tasks, including tracking service history, online sales, accounting details and customer support tickets. There is no limit to the number of drivers or vehicles you follow in your fleet with Onfleet, but the limit is on tasks. It’s a little tricky to figure out what level you’ll need for your small business until you try Onfleet because you’re probably not sure how many tasks you’ll need each month.

Who should use it: Onfleet is ideal for businesses that prioritize real-time customer and delivery data, such as dispatch service (less for fleet maintenance).

Margie D. Carlisle