B-Secur launches SDK to boost the development of heart rate biometrics

B-Secur has launched an EKG hardware and software development kit designed to help companies streamline the development of biometrics-focused ECG devices.

Over the past two years, the company has worked with various consumer and medical device companies, including LifeQ and Maxim.

Through these biometric partnerships and driven by a renewed need for wearable medical devices during the pandemic, B-Secur has now completed the creation of a comprehensive solution stack to accelerate the development of ECG applications.

According to the company, the new development kit will particularly provide easy access to integration of B-Secur’s HeartKey technology development for small wearable device manufacturers.

The ECG technology received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510 (K) clearance for use in medical devices last February, meaning it could legally be incorporated into semiconductors in a variety of applications.

However, from a technical perspective, the development of ECGs can be a complex and time consuming process, often requiring substantial funds and dedicated technical efforts.

B-Secur’s new SDK aims to help companies work around these issues by offering several tools and guides, including electrode guide, electrode development test template, hardware design guide, library HeartKey software of algorithms that include biometric authentication, as well as company software. signal analysis guide and app.

“The inspiration around ECG and HeartKey is able to take biometrics to the next level, enabling the rapid development of reliable biosensing technology in consumer and medical devices,” explained Ben Carter, CCO of B-Secur.

The company also confirmed that companies that purchase the kit will be offered a dedicated training workshop, as well as access to 24-hour expert support.

“The ECG Development Kit enables true scalability and global acceleration of medical grade ECG on consumer and medical devices and is particularly suited to small but ambitious device manufacturers keen to exploit and build this technology with a self-help approach. construction, ”Carter concluded.

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