Are you a coder? Scotland is in the top 5 places for demand

With UK searches for ‘coding jobs’ set to peak in early May, research has revealed that Scotland is a top contender for coding career opportunities.

A new study, conducted by Code Instituteanalyzed the regions and cities in the UK with the most job opportunities for developers, ranking them according to a variety of factors, including the number of jobs, the percentage of total opportunities in software development and the average salary.

The data revealed that Scotland, which ranks fourth on the list of career opportunities, offers developers the highest relative salary increase.

Scottish coders are paid £51,215, which is 1.6 times more on average than other jobs available in the country. Scotland also ranked first for the percentage of developer jobs available, at 2.5% of the regional labor market.

The data revealed that Northern Ireland offers the best opportunities for coders, with the highest proportion of coding roles in the country, accounting for 6.2% of available jobs.

London offers the most developer roles, but ranks behind Northern Ireland in the percentage of coding jobs available, at 4.6% of available roles.

When it comes to cities, Belfast tops the list, with developer roles accounting for 9% of the total number of jobs offered and paying on average 1.4 times more than other roles.

At the other end of the scale, Hull ranked as the fifth worst city for coding opportunities and the worst large city. Only 0.7% of jobs are developer roles, and these careers pay 1.1 times more than other jobs.

Commenting on the survey, Jane Gormley, director of careers at the Code Institute, said: “As the UK economy becomes increasingly tech-centric, we are seeing some regions and cities transform into booming tech hubs.

“This is great news for software developers and those considering learning to code, and job seekers can target these regions for the best opportunities.

“Learning to code is a great gateway to the world of software development, as well as opening doors to other exciting careers like video game development and even ethical hacking. So whether you’re a student or whether you’re looking for a career change, taking an online coding course is a great way to retrain and take advantage of those opportunities.”


Over the past few months, tech roles have seen a major boom in two of Scotland’s major cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Data released in September last year established that roles in the two cities had increased by more than 25% over the past two years, with technical roles accounting for 28% of all vacancies available in Glasgow.

Figures showed that tech roles in Scotland, such as software developers and data scientists, have seen some of the highest growth in the UK.

Additionally, Scotland is now a good place for women to look for tech jobs, after a survey of the best places for women looking for tech jobs in the UK found ranked Edinburgh among the best, coming in third out of the five cities surveyed.

Edinburgh has generally seen strong growth in recent years, raising a substantial £117m in the tech sector.

The Scottish capital also has very competitive wages compared to other parts of the UK, with the average tech job paying £58,405 a year.

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Margie D. Carlisle