Amazon presents re: Post, a ‘stack overflow’ for AWS

At re: Invent Amazon announced re: Post, a question-and-answer service that replaced the AWS Forums and is designed to provide participatory and expert-rated answers to technical questions about AWS.

the new service targets developers with technical questions about AWS services, debating design or deployment issues, or preparing for AWS certifications. Users can post questions, answers, perform full-text search, while community experts can moderate and validate content. Users can collect reputation points in a number of ways, such as providing accepted responses, reviewing comments from other users, or obtaining AWS certifications.


Steve roberts, Developer Advocate at AWS, explains how the service came about:

For the past four years, AWS re: Post has been used internally by AWS employees to help customers on their cloud journey. Today, these same trusted technical tips are available to the entire AWS community.

All active users from the previous one AWS Forums were migrated to the new service, as well as the most viewed content. Anton Babenko, AWS Community Hero and CEO of Betajob, would like have APIs:

How do you ask questions in AWS re: Post if there is no API or Terraform support but you prefer to have “everything as code”?

Son of customers who have premium assistance and do not receive a valid response from the community are forwarded to AWS support engineers, triggering a support request and making the conversation private. Robin Ford, Senior Delivery Manager at Accenture UK, writing:

re: Post (Stack Overflow for AWS) will improve the responses side of AWS. Hopefully this means information and solutions are shared more widely and troubleshooting steps are readily available rather than logging a support ticket every time.

Niklas Bergius, systems architect at Panagora, questions the similarities with Stack Overflow:

AWS re: Post is obviously a clone of the Stack Overflow question-and-answer system. Has there been any collaboration, or is this just a blatant reimplementation?

The new service is part of the AWS Free Tier and requires an AWS account. Maurice Borgmeier, cloud consultant & trainer at tecRacer, suggests:

Allow users to enroll independently of AWS accounts. Many contributors have multiple AWS accounts and would like to have an identity they can take with them if they choose to change employers at some point.

A thread to allow alternative connections is currently active on re: Post. You do not need to log in to browse the questions and answers.

Margie D. Carlisle