ADLINK Launches Edge Vision Analytics (EVA) Software Development Kit (SDK) to Accelerate Edge AI Vision | New

Taipei, Taiwan, September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Summary:

  • ADLINK’s EVA SDK is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence visual analysis software platform that supports AI models powered by TensorRT â„¢, OpenVINO â„¢ and ONNX, enabling AI developers, companies to AI software and internal systems integrators (IS) to develop a vision for POC AI in two weeks
  • The software platform is pre-installed on AI ADLINK vision hardware, making it easy to develop cutting-edge AI vision applications with an intuitive graphical interface and out-of-the-box plug-ins, allowing users to focus on training and integrating AI models
  • EVA SDK is a one-API framework that supports open source plug-ins, including image capture and pre-processing, AI inference, post-processing and analysis, every time. life cycle stage of an AI vision project.

ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, today released EVA SDK, an edge vision analysis software that allows users to build a POC for AI-based machine vision solutions in two weeks. EVA SDK includes a codeless Graphical User Interface (GUI) and support for over 10 types of cameras, plug-ins out of the box, ONNX runtime environment, TensorRT â„¢ and OpenVINO â„¢ for rapid validation of AI inference. EVA SDK Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is currently integrated with ADLINK NEON Series AI Smart Cameras and EOS Series AI Vision Systems for the development of machine vision projects based on AI.

“EVA SDK is a single API framework that enables users to build cutting-edge AI vision applications with low coding efforts,” said Chia wei yang, Head of Edge Vision Business Center, ADLINK. “Even without prior or in-depth knowledge or expertise in AI, users can develop an advantage IA POC with plugins out of the box and reference codes using the drag-and-drop GUI, ultimately speeding up deployment and time to market. “

Advantages of the EVA SDK:

  • Allows developers to choose from over 10 cameras, with no effort to learn camera APIs
  • Simplifies integration with the drag-and-drop graphical interface, allowing easy switching of image sources, adjustment of image processing and AI models, reducing development time
  • Supports review function of every step of image capture, from image preprocessing to AI inference, so users can easily verify and debug as needed, shortening deployment time
  • Ensures the quality of Edge AI vision solutions with open source plugins verified by ADLINK
  • Allows flexible and optimized configuration for better profitability

While artificial intelligence benefits many aspects of the business, developing AI applications often requires in-depth knowledge and skills. Using EVA SDK, developers can quickly build an AI vision application without AI expertise. Currently, EVA SDK benefits from applications ranging from security AI, behavior analysis for SOP compliance, object detection and object classification, all of which are tasks typically required by smart factories, such as semiconductor, electronics and automotive manufacturing. ADKINK now offers a new Fast AI PoC Kit including the NEON AI all-in-one smart camera with the necessary accessories for EVA SDK, to help customers greatly reduce the integration time of hardware and software, as well as reduce development time and effort of the AI ​​vision PoC. EVA SDK will continue to release more reference codes to support more cutting-edge AI applications.

ADLINK, an AI machine vision expert with 25 years of machine vision experience, continuously supplies manufacturers with ready-to-develop, application-oriented AI models. EVA SDK and other leading edge solutions from ADLINK help manufacturers develop their own computing capabilities.

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