A2i Selects BlastWave Passwordless Software Defined Perimeter Solution

PALO ALTO, California ?? BlastWave, a developer of software-defined perimeter (SDP) solutions that protect networks against unintentional and intentional threats, today announced that A2i systems has selected its BlastShield solution to protect A2i’s internal network and remote client access.

BlastShield is the first patented SDP all-in-one solution that combines infrastructure masking and password-less multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure, identity-based remote network access for organizations that have adopted a zero trust security model. BlastShield enables organizations to mask on-premises and cloud-based workloads from external and internal threats, masking an organization’s infrastructure from cyberattacks through software-defined microsegmentation without changing existing network structure and hardware.

BlastWave’s innovative approach resolves the three most critical stages in the cyber kill chain for an attacker: (1) account takeover; (2) lateral movement; and (3) compromise of remote access. In addition, BlastShield helps prevent and isolate attacks by mitigating the spread of malware, reducing the explosion radius. BlastShield also enables the development of cloud native applications by securing microservices, containers, and Kubernetes clusters.

A2i Systems provides the first secure price optimization solution in the retail fuel industry through its flagship product, PriceCast Fuel. A2i Systems uses customer-centric AI by detecting behavior patterns in big data and dynamically mapping customer and competitor behaviors to identify the optimal price for consumers throughout the day. As a result, A2i can now help customers price strategically rather than tactically with their cloud-hosted services that transition them to the most advanced fuel price management system currently available.

“As a result of recent supply chain attacks, we have recognized that VPN-based solutions simply cannot provide the level of protection we need for our critical data and remote access,” said Emil Erlandsson, Vice President of Professional Services at A2i. “The security of our data and our customers’ data is our top priority and we needed a secure platform to provide access to our hybrid data services, hosted both in the cloud and on-premises. BlastShield has met both of these needs for us with their Solution. ”

After a full proof of concept (PoC) using BlastShield’s Free Starter Package, A2i selected BlastShield and began deploying BlastShield’s Invisible peer-to-peer software-defined perimeter solution for internal use. initially for secure remote access. “We are delighted to partner with A2i systems on this project,” said Tom Sego, CEO of BlastWave. “By combining A2i’s revolutionary AI-powered fuel pricing solution with BlastWave’s patented invisible SDP, A2i customers will experience the benefits of industry-leading price optimization while mitigating the risk of attacks. of the supply chain. ”


Margie D. Carlisle