3 ways to customize menus and toolbars in LibreOffice

One of the great things about OpenOffice software like LibreOffice is its customization. You can choose button locations, create custom menus, rename tools, and even replace icons.

Keep reading to find out the three ways to customize LibreOffice menus and toolbars.

1. Personalize the content

By default, LibreOffice organizes the tools between three locations. First are the Toolbar, which can anchor to the edges or float freely. The second is the Lateral bar, which can dock to the left or right side of the window, or float. The last is the Toolbarwhich is always at the very top of the window.

You can change menus and toolbars by accessing Tools > Personalize. From here, you can edit different types of menus. Each has its own tab:

  • menus has options to change the drop down options in the Toolbar.
  • Toolbar is where you change tools in toolbars. These changes apply whether toolbars are floating or docked.
  • NotebookBar allows you to change the toolbar options in mitred User interface options. This option is more like the ribbon menus in Microsoft Office.
  • Context menus are the menus that appear when you right-click on specific targets.

Then choose a tool from the left menu and click the right arrow to add it to your target menu. The tool will immediately appear under any selected item in the target menu. You can add section separators using the Insert option under the target menu. You can move a tool in the menu by selecting it and using the up/down arrows on the right.

Margie D. Carlisle