10 Best Big Data Companies for Your Products and Services

by Analytics Insight

April 30, 2022

To help you identify the best companies for your products and services, here are the best big data companies

Big data and analytics are hot growth areas in all industries around the world. With the boom of companies requesting big data services, the market today has several vendors dedicated to linking disparate data to tools and generating insights. These companies have ventured into the space of many or all areas of big data experience and analytics. To help you identify and analyze the best big data companies for your products and services, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best big data companies.

OTS Solutions

OTS Solutions is a digital technology consulting firm that strongly believes in innovation and leads by providing technology solutions to real business problems to increase the quality and efficiency of business processes. OTS helps evaluate and design bots to enable customers to automate the right processes and reduce effort on monotonous tasks by saving human labor to perform smarter tasks. OTS partners with industry leaders and has a team of experts that helps its customers create these bots according to their needs.

Osis Technologies

Osis Technologies is a group of internationally renowned experts specializing in business intelligence solutions. The team is made up of experienced and seasoned professionals in the fields of information technology. The company’s solutions facilitate efficiency in customers’ ever-changing business landscape. She practices in the areas of BI and data warehousing, strategy and architecture, and solution development. The team’s expertise meets customer expectations and the quality of services meets their commitments to their customers.

Osiz Technologies Private Limited

Osiz Technologies Private Limited is a team of professional designers and software developers who focus on e-commerce and web development issues. The company’s expertise lies in reducing costs and improving productivity by bringing the strategic advantage of software outsourcing and offshore software development to customers’ doorsteps. Plus, its engagement models are flexible, scalable, secure, and personalized. It improves reliability, speed and agility and allows customers to gain a sustainable differential advantage.


Oracle is an integrated cloud platform and application services company that manufactures a wide range of enterprise computing solutions. Oracle Cloud is the first public cloud built from the ground up to provide better cloud storage for every application. By reinventing the basic engineering and design of systems for cloud computing, the company has imagined innovations that accelerate migrations and provide better reliability and performance for all applications. OCI’s Cloud Adoption Framework helps organizations facilitate a better transition to the cloud by facilitating a valuable collection of cloud resources.


The Pentaho acquired by Hitachi is built from an open source legacy. Its unified data integration and analytics platform is comprehensive, fully integrable, and delivers governed analytics with any data in any environment. The company’s mission is to help customers across multiple industries harness the power of data that will enable them to find new revenue streams, operate more efficiently, and deliver exceptional service.

PS Quick IT

With expertise in multiple domains and business factors, PS QuickIT delivers transformational results for the demanding new modern world. The company aims to bring the latest technology solutions to businesses and provide the best possible return on investment using machine learning, artificial intelligence and IoT. The main differentiator of this company is its unique iOS and Android app solutions for small and large businesses.


Prolifics’ experience in multiple industries has helped customers meet market demands and expectations. The team’s knowledge of cloud, DevOps, data, and quality facilitates faster and more complete solution delivery. The company’s cloud architecture services move businesses forward, even in the post-lockdown environment. Its integrated sales, consulting and engineering teams have the experience to create the right cloud environment for the new normal. Plus, its powerful AI and ML solutions work across multiple technology platforms.


QBurst is a global product development and consulting company that offers a wide range of services around big data analytics, machine learning, AI, IoT, cloud, blockchain and testing services. The company maintains strategic and technological partnerships with major players in the sector such as Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft and Adobe. QBurst enables businesses to process petabytes of data and extract value from it. It enables cognitive systems, social sentiment analysis, and intelligent automation to seamlessly transform customer business processes.

RWaltz Software Group

RWaltz Software Group is considered one of the most popular blockchain application development providers. The company is a firm believer in providing step-by-step results and solutions for use in a variety of situations. It is a comprehensive web and software solutions company providing multidimensional IT services for blockchain technology solutions including Ethereum, ICO development, smart contracts, cryptocurrency wallets and many more . It develops and implements enterprise solutions with on-premises and cloud ERP for leading beverage manufacturing companies globally.


RCG Global Services is a global provider of digital solutions across mobile, web, cloud and legacy platforms, focused on actionable data and analytics. RCG India is focused on delivering measurable business results for customer engagement, workforce enablement and operations optimization. The company applies DevOps and CI/CD approaches to all projects to ensure sustainability and security. RCG analytics are used for value realization to measure increase in revenue and decrease in expenses, including real-time analysis using statistical analysis, AI and analytics. machine learning.

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